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TEDxMaastricht – Simon Sinek – “First why and then trust”

100 Replies to “TEDxMaastricht – Simon Sinek – “First why and then trust””

  • I think he’s doing a great job at pointing out flaws in our thinking. For example he points out that speaking to a person is considered a perk! But when you start to consider that business operates with such higher quantities you really do have to think in those terms. I would like to see him propose, at least in this video, more solutions. Perhaps that is in a different video.

  • From one o Brein to another — it runs in the fam-know all !! Perhaps if your name was T Robinson i would take you serious –

  • I am the only one looking at his $/time graph and not making sense of it? It does not tie into what he’s talking about.

  • "Can't we all just agree on the same thing" – totalitarianism defined. That's why we have market competition. Capitalism is the true potential of diversity.

  • This is one of the best video about leadership I have ever watched on internet ever. Period.

    This man, Simon Sinek has rare intellect and profound insight about human connection. Bow Down To his Work.

  • The young adults shooting themeselves for not being drafted is great ? serious ? nothing tragic there ? no better way to contribute ? as for his explanation of the hippie movement, he doesn't have any clue what he's talking about…other big mistakes ….for ex. why you would hire someone based on their resume…well because you trust them thru a third party that you know and trust, university, institution, reference etc…anyway he has the tone right, sound convincing, but don't be fooled by a serious tone and simplistic explanations of a complex world. His other video about the goal being more important than the how is more useful.

  • This videos stirs many questions in my mind.

    Who believes what I believe?

    If less than 10% of the population believes what you believe, is there any chance of becoming successful?

    And a statement:

    Maybe people should stop believing so much and try to be comfortable with the simple fact that we don't know. And that not knowing is okay. In fact, not knowing is a wonderful thing. It allows for hope and excitement for the future.

    The moment humans believe in something, we have an automatic tendency to ignore or discredit all other possibilities.

  • Something about how Simon Sinek speaks always inspires me every single time. Thank you for reminding me that humility is decreasing and we should preserve trust, empathy, humility, and true leaders. Thank you very much.

  • I agree with Simon Sinek that our distrust of each other-in our country/in our jobs/organizations/in our teams has lead to the work stress and dissatisfaction we find these days. Build trust and settle for nothing else-I believe that we can build a country/jobs/organizations/and teams that have more trust with each other and less stress-leading to more production and greater results!!

  • Leading with WHY first. Seems so easy but yet most are not doing it including myself. It's time for me to test the theory myself. Thank you Simon for your sharing your passion and desire of your life purpose.

  • This man is the bag. Just a really smart, forward thinking guy with a really good reasoning, heart and mind. All chakras seem to be aligned.

  • What is a community or nation?

    A group of people who have the same values and beliefs..

    Let that sink in and then ask yourself what is wrong with this country….. hmmmm

  • People turned the ideal of what they saw as reality enhanced by the media into imaginary America.
    Now, no matter how great everything may be; people keep looking at the past as a model that never existed in reality.

    Like King Salomon said: "No past time was ever better than now." This is the time of our lives and it's our responsibility to turn it into the best it can be.

    Companies who refuse to embrace the new America, are absorbed by an imaginary reality.

  • @4:15 this is what really happened to Blizzard when they partnered up with Activision, the split. What a tragedy.

  • People listen to this guy as if he is Jesus without realising he does not have any real data to back up his arguments and there us nothing break through about his thinking . He is just tellling stories and sharing common sense. Lol

  • While the talk is very inspiring, I have to desagree that trust can't be built over the internet. There are systems in place for trust to be built where we no longer need to rely on the honesty of other humans.

  • Simon I wonder what you think of the chasm today in 2019 as this was published in 2011! I feel it's widening, certainly, we live in a country and in a time with so much discord and lack of empathy. Could not agree more that this is largely due to lack of true connection. The internet affords the ability to say anything, often anonymously, with no regard to the consequences. We don't see or feel the impact on the other person(s). In the words of Brené Brown, 'it is hard to hate close-up', which is why so many hide behind technology. I think trust CAN be built through the internet. People, myself included, trust ratings and reviews for example, but something feels fundamentally sad, small and lacking in how we humans are going about creating relationships and businesses.

  • That experiment you mentioned is scary! This is an important reminder in the business world for sure

  • Initial statement of trust being a distinctly human experience invalidate everything he says. Animals can also trust.

  • one of the best speakers around. actually connecting with his audience and articulation was perfect with tonage and volume. better than some other speakers who are supposingly speech coaches.

  • Very well said, since the age on wifi and an Internet connection human contact is starting to disappear, in everyday life. just have a look next time your at lunch or dinner how many people are checking their phones and not even talking to one another. sad but true

  • The split reminds me of Vietnamese football. In the past, nobody in the world took any notice of it. Even I did. There was no trust, no belief, no passion because we saw the fact. But since the Asian Cup, the soccer team(after much effort has been made – we changed the coaches often ) almost won. Then they started to spend time complimenting us like how we did that, they(the team) got a plenty of trust. When they're given such many responsibilities like that, they start to go down. Even I believe Vietnamese football's future will be bright, the split will come one day.

  • Same is done with religion if you consider it where people are controlled to blind obedience thru fear and appeals to our personal weaknesses.

  • Very inspiring talk. Most corporations are too self-centred to care for their customers anymore. They are wholly profit driven. Most people too enter into n sustain relationships only for Their benefit, not for mutual benefits. In anything we do in life, the Why should always be more important than the What n the How.

  • It makes me happy to click the "like" BEFORE I watch a Simon Sinek video (to make sure I don't forget at the end).

  • but I wouldn't have seen him if I don't use internet to interact with the world. I think it's about how we use this tool.

  • Они говорят – доверяйте нам а сами на русском языке пишут заголовок английской передачи, которую ты хочешь посмотреть, заходишь и пытаешься что-то уловить, смотря в плывущие субтитры и сопоставить это как то с интонацией. Сплошной обман!.

  • Guess what everyone………A group of ex convicts surrounded some police officers in San Deigo and where praying for them. I was like please don't pray for Angels to go to the ex convicts!!! Its like especially now when its dry and going rampid until piping/Fracking happens from a direction nobody knows….making earthquakes/tsunamis/and radiation waste so much more dangerous.

  • One of the best TedTalks on leadership. Simon very passionately and articulately touches the basis of our problems as the human race with the growing businesses and technology.

  • That unethical experiment at 13:31 is exactly how these civilian casualties in these wars, drone strikes, and conflicts are just a mere bottom ticker that we read while we cry fawn over the main story about some celebrity's new fashion.

  • Insightful… but… his voice sounds hokey, melodramatic, fake, contrived.
    Needs psychotherapy. What is he hiding ?

  • Thank you, Simon. Again.
    Each time I watch one of your videos, it changes the way I think.
    It informs my very life's work.
    If I can see far, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.
    Thank you.

  • That comparison about babysitters.
    People hire teens for babysitting because they are cheaper than professional babysitters. Teens can work part time for law wages. Professionals want full time jobs that pay professional salaries.
    People constantly search to find caregivers who will work for very low salaries.

    I own a Home Care agency I know it better.

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