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The Army Profession: Essential Characteristics | FDC

So, the Army is a profession because it provides a unique service in terms of defending the country, whether that’s conducting combat operations down range, or supporting a relief of a fire. Not only is the Army a military department, but it is also a profession. The Army Profession is built on a foundation of trust. It reinforces trust with the American people by demonstrating its essential characteristics in everything it does, every day, and in every setting where it serves. The essential characteristics of the Army Profession—trust, military expertise, stewardship, esprit de corps, and honorable service— identify and establish the Army as a military profession. Trust is the ‘bedrock’ of the Army Profession, both externally with the American people and internally between Army professionals. External trust is the confidence and faith that the American people have in the Army to serve the Nation ethically, effectively, and efficiently. The Army’s ability to fulfill its strategic role and discharge its responsibilities to the Nation depends on trust. Within the Army Profession, mutual trust is the organizing principle necessary to build cohesive teams. Within the essential characteristics of the profession, trust is both a prerequisite and an outcome So we sort of have to have the trust of the American people and the political leaders that they elect to oversee us. We have to have their trust in order to do what we do for the nation. But then when we exhibit the essential characteristics and we have that military expertise, when we have esprit de corps, when we exercise stewardship. When we do those things, then we also earn more trust in return. We provide security for the Nation, but it’s really the trust in the Nation to do what we do in accordance with our ethic and do it well and provide security That the nation can’t do on its own, necessarily because they don’t have the requisite expertise. And so I think that’s why trust is so important. In living by and upholding the Army Ethic, the Army Profession earns and reinforces trust, contributes to honorable service, and applies military expertise to accomplish the mission and perform its duty. It develops stewardship by educating, training, and inspiring all who serve to adhere to, internalize, and uphold the Army Ethic as their own. The Army Profession fortifies esprit de corps, creating cohesive teams where mutual trust is reinforced through a shared professional identity. Consistently demonstrated, the essential characteristics of the Army Profession reflect American values, the Army Ethic, and the approach to accomplishing the mission in support and defense of the Constitution. I think honorable service can be looked at both personally and professionally. I’ve always wanted to serve my country, honorably, so to do that I had to live my life a certain way to execute those types of things. Anyone can be a Soldier. Anyone can put a uniform on, but when you’re given a job to do that other people rely on you to do it right If you can’t perform that job as it’s supposed to be done There is second and third order effects and then, you know, we’re put in a position to where somebody could get hurt or injured or we could cause international incidents. There’s a lot on the line if you if you’re not able to do your job 100 percent. So you really cannot come into the military and fake the funk. There’s no way to do that. You have to know your job. And you have to do it really well. Esprit de corps is one of the essential characteristics of a profession. That is taking pride in being a professional. Esprit de corps deals with icons, symbols, slogans That identify a profession. If you look at a Solider, he’s wearing a unit patch and that patch represents a legacy of history A legacy of honor and courage and integrity and the esprit de corps piece, in my opinion, is that Soldier’s desire to carry on that legacy. Stewardship is taking what you have been given by the American people and making it better. So whether that’s your sons and daughters, your neighbors, your mom or dad, make them a better Soldier, make them a better person It’s just the same as with the equipment we get. So when you have equipment that costs thousands, even millions of dollars, you want to make sure that you’re taking care of it You’re cleaning it properly; you’re storing it properly. Keeping it out of harm’s way, so that It helps to build that trust with the American people; we’re not wasting their tax-payer dollars.

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