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The Benefits of Job Searching During the Summer

Have you been thinking about the beach all
summer? That vacation you have coming up next week? Simply just excited about putting your feet
up for the summer, relaxing, recharging and leaving your job search until September? Maybe that’s not the best idea! Hi Forge Followers, Joncarlo here with Forge
Recruitment. The past couple of weeks when speaking to
those considering changing jobs, we often hear them say ‘Oh, I know now is not the
best time to look…”. There is a sense among most people that the
job market slows down during the summer months. That firms stop hiring and leave any and all
vacancies to be filled until September. Well, the reality is law firms and companies
are still hiring and they’re are hiring a lot. What makes things seem like they slow down
is that during the summer months hiring processes do tend to take longer as hiring managers
and Partners take vacation. But the jobs are still there! Given this misconception, today I wanted to
talk to you about some of the reasons why job searching during the summer months has
its benefits: 1. There’s less competition – Obviously,
a lot of people do take their vacations during the summer months. They head to the cottage, take a flight somewhere,
if they have children, their children will be out of school, so they are most likely
to plan a trip during this time. With this, people who may otherwise be job
searching and interviewing, are now focusing on their travel plans, ultimately reducing
the amount of competition you would be facing had these people not had any trips or vacations
planned. This ultimately will make things much easier
for you. 2. You’ll have an easier time asking for time
off – During the summer months, your office may be slower, managers and supervisors may
take time off, there are more social events and possibly, your office has summer hours. With all of this, if you need to slip out
of the office in the middle of the day for an interview, you will be more likely to do
so, without it causing much concern or raising any flags. 3. Summer is an easier transition period – Summertime
is typically a less hectic time to transition to a new job. As a new employee, you can get better acquainted
with your new firm when there are less people in the office and things are a bit slower. For example, if your role is to support 2
lawyers, but one is on vacation, you can ease into your new role, supporting the one at
first. This gives you time to learn your new firm’s
process and software. We see this happen quite often during the
summer. Further, your new firm may have more social
functions during the summer months which will allow you to get better acquainted with your new
team! Thanks for watching! If you have any questions around this or any
other topic, be sure to call or email us. Happy Job Searching and Good Luck!

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