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The Best of Maeve & Aimee – Sex Education Friendship Goals

– Do you really think this
place has asbestos in it? – [Maeve] I don’t know. There’s worse ways to go, I suppose. – God, yeah. My auntie got eaten by wasps. – What? Was she stung to death? (chuckles) – No. She was eaten. Oh, he’s cute. – [Maeve] What is it with you and stoners? – Doesn’t he remind you of someone? – Adam? – No, I was thinking more
like a boiled Ryan Gosling. – [Maeve] No, Adam. – I deserve closure! – Everyone inside, now! Ruby thinks Kyle should
change the way he dresses. But I think he looks nice. I mean, he has been wearing a lot of trackie bottoms recently, but that’s only ’cause
he set his jeans on fire. – What? – He’s got second-degree
burns on his thighs, but he was blazed when it
happened, so it only hurt a bit. (whistles) I think he’s peacocking, but with words. Let’s do a mind map. – What’s that? – Oh, it’s just writing stuff down. It’s really good for hard decisions like, should I get a
fringe, even though Mum says it’ll make my face look chubby? Or should I tell Mum I hate
her and run away from home? – I don’t want a boyfriend. – [Aimee] I don’t get it. Having a boyfriend is the best thing. – What’s so good about it? – Last week, I got chased by a fox, and Kyle threw a shoe at it. It was so romantic. – What would you wear to
meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time? – Okay, right, whatever you
do, do not dress like you. My brother brought a girl home once, and she wore a Nine Inch Nails T-shirt, and my mom thought she worshiped Satan. Also, she did a massive
shit in the toilet. My dad had to break it up with a stick. So don’t do that, either,
’cause first impressions count. Good luck! So I think I need to talk to Otis. – Problems with Kyle? – Oh, no, I’m with Steve now. – Who’s Steve? – You know, Top-Heavy Steve? Built like a Chupa Chup. – [Maeve] Cool. – What the hell are you doing? – I’m dumping you. For her. (chuckles) – Are you mental? She’s a slag. – Yeah, you’re right. But so am I. (gasps) – I’m not a slag. – Me either, it sounded good. Just keep walking. – Why am I here? I hate fairs. – You’re here because
Steve is doing extra study for your stupid altitude scheme. You’re my date. – Aptitude scheme, Aimee.
– Yeah, that’s what I said. Can you win me a giant pig? – How you getting on with your form? – Everyone has a thing except me. I’m hoping this form is gonna
tell me what my thing is. – Your thing? – Yes, my thing. You have your feminine books. – Feminist. What’s your form say? It says I should be a baker. – Aims, I think it might be banker. Baker’s not on there. – I think I’m gonna stick with baker. I do really like toast. What you doing? He’s wanking on me! Can I get off the bus, please? – What happened to this cake, exactly? – Oh, it didn’t look so bad before, but then I was on the bus,
and a guy wanked on my leg, and I got a bit of a shock,
and I smushed the cake. – What? – Do you think it’ll stain? I love these jeans. – You you have to report it. – It’s fine, they were only cheap. – No, you’ve been assaulted. – I think he was just lonely, or not right in the head or something, which is weird ’cause
he was quite handsome. – Aimes, this is serious. – It’s silly. I’m fine, honestly. – Okay, I know what I want
to do for my birthday. I want us to go to the police. – Ooh. Hope I get my jeans back. – Do you really want them back, though? – Yeah, they’re the
perfect bootleg, Maeve. You don’t find that very often. – It’s true. – Do you think they’re watching us? – Yeah, probably. – (farts) Oh! – No. – Can I have my jeans back, please? I’m gonna go, I’m sorry to make a fuss. – Aimes, what if he does
this to someone else? I know you can do this. Please? – You’re doing brilliantly, Aimee. – [Maeve] Yeah. – Just take your time. Try to remember. – He was already on the bus. Sorry for ruining your birthday. – Weirdly, one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time. (slow pensive music) (sobs) (slow pensive music) (coughs) – [Bus Driver] Everything all right? – Sorry, wrong bus. (bus doors puff) – I didn’t try and steal
your boyfriend, Ola. I had to tell him how I felt. – You didn’t have to, Maeve. You chose to. Did you even like Otis? Or did you just want to win? You’re a snake. – [Maeve] Yeah? At least I don’t pretend to be so sweet and nice all the time. – [Maeve And Ola] You don’t
know anything about me! – Stop fighting over a stupid boy! – Aimes, why are you crying? – Because I can’t get on the bus. – Oh, Aimes, it’s okay. It’s okay. – What are you doing here? – Getting a bus. We’re all getting a bus. (energetic uplifting music) (bus doors puff) (energetic uplifting music) – [Bus Driver] Getting on or what? – Give her a minute. It’s just a stupid bus. – It’s just a stupid bus. (energetic uplifting music) ♪ Downtown harks back ♪ ♪ Halfway up the street ♪ ♪ I used to be free ♪ ♪ I used to be seventeen ♪ – I’m angry that a horrible
man ruined my best jeans and nobody did anything, and now, I can’t get on the fucking bus!
(glass shatters) (cheers) This is amazing! Gonna keep smashing stuff! – [All] Yeah! (glass shatters) – Scabby Queen. I win, I win! – No, you don’t, you have
to get rid of the queen. You lost, sorry. – I still don’t get this game. – Hand them over. Thank you. – Ta-ra, lad. – See you later, pet.

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