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The Bioenergy Career Map

Bioenergy is energy created from renewable
organic sources. Bioenergy is a growing field and an important
pathway for providing Americans with sustainable, renewable energy alternatives. Biobased activities in the current economy,
as of 2014, are estimated to have directly generated more than $48 billion dollars in
revenue and 285,000 jobs. By 2030, estimates show the potential for
up to $259 million in gross revenue per year and 1.1 million gross jobs. Thus, workers are needed in disciplines such
as engineering and manufacturing, communications and outreach, infrastructure, business and
operations management, and the sciences. The Bioenergy Career Exploration Wheel and
Map was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office to
help students and job seekers find a career opportunity and pathway in the bioenergy industry. The Career Exploration Wheel shows academic
disciplines and career sub-sectors of the bioenergy industry. Click an area of the wheel to learn more. This is the Bioenergy Career Map. The columns reference the sub-sectors within
the bioenergy industry. While the rows illustrate the potential progression
within each career path. By clicking a white circle, a node on the
map, a brief job description will display. The map will also highlight a pathway of potential
future jobs. For example, an individual can enter the workforce
as a natural resource technician and progress to a physical scientist technician, physical
scientist, or natural resources management specialist. By clicking job detail, you can find out more
about that position. All job nodes on the map have career profiles. All profiles contain extensive information
of what each position entails. If we follow a job pathway to the next career
progression, again, we find a short description of the job and see new career opportunities
from that position. The Career Map will also show connections
to job positions in different bioenergy sub-sectors. A civil/environmental engineer trainee can
transition to become a civil/environmental engineer or follow connections into the life
and physical sciences as a physical scientist technician or physical scientist. There are over 60 careers profiled on the
map and more than 100 pathway connections. There are many exciting opportunities in the
bioenergy industry from biofuel, to bio-power to bio-products. This includes technical to non-technical careers. Secure a future in the bioenergy industry
with a STEM education or non-STEM career route. Map your career path today!

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