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The Complete Job Search Toolkit Course Trailer | Save Time With Your Job Search

are you job searching do you ever wish
there were step-by-step instructions on how to do everything from finding a job
you actually want to building a winning resume a LinkedIn profile and then of
course nailing that interview that’s where we come in I’m Norma Goodwin
founder and CEO of career contessa and now I’m offering 20% off our online
course bundle the complete job search toolkit enroll now and you’ll gain
access to four of our best-selling courses the job search Academy which
will help you land your dream job by targeting companies and not just jobs
the 24-hour resume makeover which comes with over five different word templates
to choose from and leaves you with a completely updated resume the LinkedIn
lab which will teach you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile using keywords
double your job leads and ace the interview which will tackle all of your
toughest job interview challenges so you’re ready to wow them the average job
search can take up to nine months I’m here to help you land a job that’s a
perfect fit for you any fraction of that time you can join hundreds of satisfied
customers who are saying things like the attention to detail is unparalleled the
videos demonstrate everything in after six months of job searching I’ve
successfully transitioned industries found a company that’s a much closer
commute and have a clear idea of the career path I’m on I hope you’ll join me
and enroll today for 20% off the course bundle so you can land your dream job –
see you in class

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