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The Funeral Profession’s Next $100 Million Tech Company | FUNERAL nation 141

(upbeat music) – Welcome, everybody, to
FUNERAL nation episode 142. I’m Ryan Thogmartin. No, 141. 1, 4, 1. Episode 141. I’m Ryan Thogmartin. That guy is the distinguished Jeff, The Funeral Commander, Harbeson. And Jeff, I think in
temperature today we are like, at least 80 plus degrees apart? – Yeah, at a minimum. I think the high today here
in beautiful Phoenix is 73. We’ve got the Phoenix Open
Golf Tournament going on, the Waste Management Tournament. There’s people out there with
shorts and smoking cigars. – Yeah, yeah. – Everybody else shivering all
over the rest of the nation. – We had no mail delivery
yesterday, postal service was shut down ’cause it was too cold. No schools. Blah, blah, blah. But you know what? The Disrupt Media team, the
entire 30 person team was here both days as cold as it was. – You guy are stronger than the mail man. – We are.
– Yeah. – We are, you’re right. You know, there we go. – Forgot about that,
that’s called loyalty. – You wanna know what else is strong? – What? – Our title sponsor. – C&J, are you kidding me? They’re awesome strong. I literally, just a few minutes ago here at Foresight Companies I was talking with a client, and I just asked ’em flat out, why in the world do you not have a company that’s collecting your insurance and you get your money back? They said, “Well, who?” By the way, if you haven’t
seen the show, I mean come on. C&J Financial. So Jaime, tell us what’s going on here. – [Jaime] What payment
method do you prefer families use for your goods and services? Most funeral homes and
cemeteries prefer cash, check, or credit card
over life insurances, the preferred method of payment. However, families who use life insurance are able to purchase the funeral service of their choice and spend 31% more on your goods and services. By encouraging more families
to pay with insurance, you can create a better
experience for the family, and become more profitable without increasing your call volume. The reason most firms prefer cash, check, or credit card over life insurance is that insurance companies
are a hassle to deal with, and payment can often take
weeks or months to receive. With C&J Financial,
you can receive funding within 24 hours of
verification of benefit, thereby eliminating the hassle, headache, and cash flow delay, and
processing insurance deadlines. Let us show you why
hundreds of funeral homes all across America choose C&J for their assignment funding needs, and why many associations,
accounting firms, and industry leaders recommend C&J to their clients and members. – All right, commander. Isn’t there some breaking news out of the Foresight Companies? I got a press release. You added somebody to the team, and it’s not another Doug
Gober, which is good. – Our ego quote is full with Doug, Dan, and myself, so we’re done. So we brought in Chris Scoggin who is Director of Accounting. The guy’s fabulous. Really smart. He’s been with some really
big companies along the way. We were able to recruit him in. And so our accounting business, which has been strong, is
getting ready to get stronger. Now that you mentioned it,
thank you for opening the door, but the difference between funeral service accounting and just a local guy, the local accountant
doesn’t know the difference between a rough box and
an alternative container. Of course you saw the
ad I put out last year. Accounting doesn’t know what
funeral escort is on your Tpf. – Good point.
– Yeah, you got a problem. So yeah, welcome aboard Chris. We’re glad to have you here. So there is breaking news. Do you want to talk about it a little bit, or want me to follow up? What’s your thoughts? – Yeah, just talk about it a little bit. But why don’t you announce it, because you’re the one that really, you spearheaded some of this conversation. – Yeah, Everdays. You know those guys are awesome. They come into the business. They made a big splash. The first year, they were
sort of figuring it out, and now they’ve ejected. And when I say ejected,
just like rocketed forward. They just recently had a cash investment infusion of $20 million. – That’s huge. – So now their company is
worth value $100 million. Now think about that. $100 million inside the funeral industry, and I think they’ve been around what? Three, four years max?
– It’s pretty cool. That, the problem is
equity, cash infusions, and buying some majority
ownership in businesses. There’s a lot of eyes that
are on the funeral profession, because it’s really been untapped. Everdays has carved
out a very unique path, to the point where a lot of people are like what does Everdays do? Essentially the product they provide to the funeral homes is
100%, absolutely free. – Yeah. I think it’d be great. Mark Alhermizi. I always mess it up. I’m a southern guy. – Mark A. – He’s a fellow cigar guy. We wanna get Mark or Kale
on soon, so we’re excited. I think we’re the only news group that’s projected this out here. – That’s right. – Relations guys inside
the funeral industry. You’re rocketing forward, and I think you’ll see
that Everdays and FN will be doing some cool
stuff together shortly. – That’s right. We’re gonna ride it all the
way to the top together. It’s cool. I really love, regardless
of anybody’s opinions, I love the fact that there’s a lot of eyeballs from outside equity
on the funeral profession, because some of these cash infusions are gonna have great
dividends for the consumer, with better product and better services, help funeral directors just serve better, which is a win for everybody. – Yeah, I agree with you. Death care is hot, so
why not make it work. You know what I’m saying? (laughs) – Hey, hey, hey!
– Hey, hey, how you doin’? Yeah, I got that healthcare here. – (laughs) All right, so who sponsored the new section? – Oh man, we’ve got some great guys. Speaking of which, really smart, is our friend from CRaKN with all their tentacles into the business. Every week I have interaction
with someone from their team, and frankly I’m seeing
some great stuff out there. It’s really a smart product. So CRaKN, they have a giant octopus. And you know I’m kind of a pirate. A pirate likes mermaids, so I’m all about this pirate thing here. – I have no idea how you just connected an octopus and a mermaid, but you did. – Dude, they have tentacles and the mermaid siren calls for me, and I gotta listen. (laughs) – They got pirates, mermaids, and octopus. All right, let’s roll their new ad. – [Narrator] Cloud-based tools allow you to have on-demand access to your data. The opposite of cloud-based storage is when your data’s stored
in your file cabinet or on your computer’s hard drive only. Your data is subject to fire, flood, wind, theft, or hack. The most trusted place to
store your data is with CRaKN. CRaKN uses Amazon Web Services, a secure platform that gives you access to your data anytime,
anywhere, and on any device. AWS offers world-class, reliable, and highly secure cloud computing. That’s why many
security-sensitive organizations and some of the world’s largest
organizations trust AWS. You can rest easy that your data’s stored and transmitted through CRaKN and AWS. It is always encrypted,
and there are strong safeguards in place to protect you and your family’s sensitive information. CRaKN protects your family’s data. Tips like these can free up your time so you can spend more
time with your families. Learn more about CRaKN’s productivity and efficiency tools at How will you spend the time you save? – [Narrator] Let’s get CRaKN. – All right, and I’m excited. The next guy coming on
the show, Jim Price. He’s with the Park Lawn Corporation. However, he’s also one of the most recognized people in the business. I’m excited to have him here. He’s I think the chairman of the ICCFA Educational Foundation, so let’s see what he has to say. Jim, welcome to the FUNERAL nation show. I think you’re returning, aren’t you? – No, this is my first time. – Oh, well. Wait a minute, we had you on a live feed one time, I think it was. You’re all over the place, so you’re kinda hard to keep up with. (all laugh) – Sorry I had missed it. I remember you recording it now. – (laughs) Jim, that’s interesting. I think back, you and I know each other all the way from a round building in Tampa, way long time ago. And you’ve been around
the business a while. I’m not gonna say long or tenured. – (chuckles) Okay. – Would you mine reintroducing yourself, and sharing a little bit about what you do there at Park Lawn? – Okay, very good. Thank you. You know, just a few years ago, I was at MNG and we were
able to successfully do acquisition for Park Lawn Corporation. And that was their
first entry into the US. One of the things that happened
in the last couple of years, and a lot of really good things. My position is Senior Vice President of Industry Relations at Park Lawn. And then I guess another little job I have is that I’m President of the
ICCFA Educational Foundation, and all the efforts in
trying to raise donations and give as many scholarships as possible. – Right, and so that’s
the big, exciting news that we have you here today. You mind sharing what the
ICCFA Foundation is offering? – Okay, yep, absolutely. What we’re offering is,
I think it was last fall. We made the decisions,
our Board of Trustees. There’s, oh, 10 of us that on that board. And we’d gone over the
last four or five years, raised quite a bit of money, and we were lending, maybe the number of scholarships will always grow. And out of that meeting,
this suggestion came, was that why don’t we get more? And we’ve really been on a good track. Our brochure and donations reflect that. We probably spent around $300,000 in the last three or
four months we collected. So when we made a decision in fall that 2019, we’re gonna provide and award 50 scholarships
to the Wide World of Sales. We accomplished that. That was last week. And we have made the decision
that we’re gonna award 50 scholarships to the ICCFA University, which is in July each year
and at University of Memphis. And it’s a great program. The way to learn more about
what that curriculum is and what that program’s all about would be that everyone should
go to ICCFA/university. – I’m with that.
– Yeah. – That’s interesting. Ryan, I just heard that
they’re giving 50 scholarships away to ICCFA University.
– Mm-hmm. – Thoughts about the FUNERAL nation maybe making sure we get
some folks to apply for that. What are your ideas we can do there? – Well, I think we can do a lot. So first of all, if you’re interested in going to ICCFA
University, and potentially getting one of those
scholarships, comment below. And then, Jeff, you and I can come up with some criteria we can share later on, some requirements for that. And potentially maybe the FUNERAL nation can assist in that as well. – Yeah, I think that’s something
that would be a lot of fun. It would be great if we could say that we had some FN Scholars
that are watching out here. It would be awesome to have them show up. Maybe they can get a special shirt, or we can do something when
they attend University. We’ll have ’em custom made
that they’re FN different. – I’m sure we could do
something that makes people mad. – Yeah!
(laughs) We can do that, and maybe they can have a special cigar smoking site. (laughs) – We’ll absolutely– – Imagine there’s a few of you that have great interest in that. – Yeah, sir. I believe so. Interesting, Jim. I think the ICCFA Foundation
has done some fabulous work. If you can just for a moment, we did have 50 scholarships that you gave recently to the Wide World of Sales. Is that correct?
– Correct. – I mean, it’s unbelievable
what you guys are doing, and we certainly want to support that. So Ryan, let’s put something together that we could also do as
a promo for these guys. But if you’re listening right now and you wanna be considered to get a scholarship for
the ICCFA University, go ahead and comment below. How ’bout give a selfie or something? I wanna go to University. Fix it up, do something. We’ll make sure that you’re
fast tracked over there, because we’re to announce it here. – That’s right. – And Jim, who should go ICCFA University? Is that every funeral
director, mortuary student? Who’s this designed for? – Well, it’s designed for more of a professional development. And we have eight different schools. There’s nothing in the industry like it. The University, it’s a five-day program. A lot of fun but a lot of work. There’s cremation services,
is one of the Universities. Sales and marketing,
funeral home management, leadership and administration,
land management. Grounds is one of the schools. International studies was
added a few years ago, and last year hospitality
in death services. – Cool. – In order to graduate, you need to go to four of those eight
over a four-year period. And in many cases, it’s
general management. You know, the real benefit that I see in it more than anything else, it’s the opportunity for young people or second-career
newcomers to our industry, to be able to get that opportunity to even make the networking. And as good as many funeral directors are and owners of business is, the real opportunity to make an impact and mentor some of these folks. I think many, many
stayed in this profession that would have gone by the wayside if they had not been involved. These truly are the future
leaders of our profession. – And we need cheerleaders, and professional ethics,
education, and training. So kudos to you guys doing that. We’re getting ready to wrap
up here for our interview, because think you have some
golf to attend here soon. – Possibly. (all laugh) – And so you come from, and a lot of people don’t know this or connection. You’re part of what I’m gonna call the first family of funeral business. You guys have tentacles out. You wanna share a little bit about that? – Sure. I’ve actually been in this
business just over 50 years, and I happen to grow up in it. I have two grown sons. One’s an engineer with Western Digital. One’s a VP with WellPoint. Super proud of them. Neither one had any
interest in the business, and they grew up above a
funeral home just like I did. But recently, I’m proud to say that my wife got into the
business about eight years ago and she’s a co owner of Memory Glass, and has done a fabulous job
helping growing that company. And our daughter, Nikki, just got into the business in the last six months, and she’s a marketing manager for Roosevelt Investment Group. So I’m very proud of those others. I know they’ll do well,
no question about it. Before you wrap it up, let me just say that the deadline of the
scholarships is February the 18th. February the 18th, and the application is at ICCFA/scholarships. And so those two addresses are exactly where they need to go to learn a lot more, and complete that application. We will award 50 scholarships,
possibly even more. – Awesome. – Thank you, guys. Thanks very much.
– Thank you, Jim. – Thanks for calling show. You’re superlative. And it’s funny, I see you around so much I thought that you were
kind of a regular here. (laughs) But we’ll have to figure that out. – All right. Hey, I’m always in. And you don’t have to worry about it. I gave some consideration to–
– Oh yeah. – I hope you’ve already cut. I know we’re done now, based on the (mumbles). – Yes, sir, buddy. I’ll be there in a matter
of a couple hours now. (laughs) – All right.
– Thank you, sir. – Thank you.
– Thank you, Jim. – Very good stuff. Anything to push the education level and better the profession and the tracks. I definitely think ICCFA University needs some infusion on the marketing side and the financial side from the two of us in a big FN way, but we’ll get there. I think it’s really cool. I wanna be a part of it any way we can through FUNERAL nation. So if you want to attend ICCFA University, you want one of those scholarships, you need to selfie like
the Commander said. Comment below why you deserve to go. We’ve got a line directly to God in this situation to get you there, so we will make it happen for somebody. – Yeah, more than one. It’s not just the first one.
– That’s right. – Ryan and I will find something cool so that you stand FN apart
from all the other students. – That’s right.
– That’s gonna happen. Ryan, we better wrap up the show shortly, but wait a minute.
– Wait a minute. We have one more.
– Ring. – Ring Ring. – Calling his business, Ring Ring. – [Narrator] We’re Ring Ring Marketing. We help funeral homes generate at least 10 more at-need calls per month. Our techniques help you
dominate local search rankings and become a top choice
for services in your area. We also proudly offer a
100% money back guarantee. For a free copy of our book, visit – Good stuff. All right, Commander. So next week, we’ll probably
have a normal episode, but the following week we’re
gonna be in different countries and we’re gonna stream the show live. We have zero details. Nothing has been planned,
but it will be live and we’ll figure it out as soon as we hit go live. (chuckles) – I’m with it. There’s something that
we’re really proud of. Over the 141 shows.
– Yeah, 41. My bad. – We’ve done them from
all sorts of places. And some of them have been offshore. I’ve got some trips
coming up soon (chuckles) that I’ll be out of the country, offshore. You can imagine, again, pirates, mermaids. (laughs) But anyway, I know this is
blowing your mind, isn’t it? – The connection between
pirates, mermaids, and octopus. I bet that has never been done before. – Nobody’s ever been
inside my head before. – That’s good, that’s good. – I’m a genius. Anyway buddy, thanks. Take care. Hey, submit those in. Let’s get you into the Uni–
– That’s right. Selfie, copy below. All right, until next
time have a great FN week. (upbeat music)

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