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The Keys to Earning More Money in any Profession | Bob Proctor

– Hello there and welcome,
this is Bob Proctor, and I want to talk to you about money, about earning more money, and I don’t care what
profession you happen to be in, it really makes little difference as far as this subject is concerned. I have learned, this
is an educated opinion, it’s something I’ve learned
over a long period of time, that the earning of more money is only about 5% strategy, 95% mindset. Now, why do I say that? Well, I was given this book when I didn’t have a nickel to
my name, Think and Grow Rich. My life has changed
dramatically since then. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Then I got ahold of Robert Russel’s book, You Too Can Be Prosperous. Here’s an original copy from 1915 of Wallace Wattles book,
The Science of Getting Rich. Now The Science of
Getting Rich is the book that inspired Rhonda
Byrne to make The Secret, which has been seen over
a half a billion people all over the world. And you know, none of
these books spend much time talking about money. They almost spend all of
their time talking about you, the reader, and your mindset. You see, I know a lot of wealthy people. I’ve earned millions of
dollars in my lifetime, and not by accident. And it’s not that I had
done well in school, I went to high school for two months. And I’ve met many people who’ve
earned millions of dollars who have no formal education. Earning a lot of money is not luck, earning a lot of money is
really getting your mindset. You’ve got to know your worth, and then ask for what you deserve. Hill points out in here, he said if you believe
hard work and honesty alone will bring riches, perish the
the thought, it’s not true. Riches, when they come in huge quantities, are never the result of hard work. Now listen carefully. Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands
based upon the application of definite principles,
and not by chance or luck. You’ve heard the old saying,
find a need and fill it. A definite demand. And then, based upon definite principles. Well these three books
that I’ve just recommended, and I’ve a got whole
library of them behind me, they all focus on filling a demand. So you’ve got to start off
by knowing what you’re worth. Eric Hoffer put it very well. He said to learn, you need a
certain degree of confidence, not too much and not too little. If you have too little confidence, you’ll think you can’t learn. If you have too much, you’ll
think you don’t have to learn. And I run into people every day who fall into both of those categories, and I suppose we all fall
into both those categories more often than we’d like to. We’ve got to have that
certain degree of confidence. Know what you’re worth, and always be prepared to do more than you’re being paid for. Now that is one of Hill’s principles. Always be prepared to do more
than you’re being paid for. And be prepared to walk away from anything that is not serving you. Now you’ve got to provide the service, but if the job is not serving you or something is not serving
you, walk away from it. And make up your mind
you’re going to be a leader. You see, money is a reward
we see for service rendered. Be prepared to do more
than you’re being paid for, that is something that all
successful people will tell ya. Fall in love with what
you’re doing, fill a demand. But build the image in your
mind that you’re worth it, know what you are worth. You are God’s highest form of creation, there is nothing on the
planet that will equal you. You might get ahold of these
three books and study them, The Science of Getting
Rich by Wallace Wattles, You Too Can Be Prosperous
by Robert Russel. Those books are both out of
print, but you can find them. And of course, the one
that’s always on my desk, Think and Grow Rich. So there’s nothing difficult about it, it’s a matter of adjusting
your own attitude, knowing who you are,
knowing what you’re worth, be prepared to do more
than you’re being paid for, and walk away from anything
that’s not serving you. But it’s like Eric Hoffer said, you’ll learn this, this
isn’t just an opinion, this is a learned concept. He said to learn you need a
certain degree of confidence, not too much, not too little. Too little, you may think you can’t learn. Too much, you may think
you don’t have to learn. Get that certain degree,
get into these books, and then get out there and
give everything you’ve got to what you’re doing,
fall in love with it. You’ll earn lots of money. You know that song Love Is In the Air, well there’s one money’s in the air. Doesn’t matter where you
are, you can earn it, but it has to be earned. This is Bob Proctor, thank you.

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  • Inspiring as always!! This helps me work hard and achieve my goals… For those lucky people who got to watch and learn something from this video, may God bless you and your family members… I wish that you will rise and shine by achieving your goals! I genuinely wish that you will have an awesome life…

    Stay blessed from a small Youtuber 😥😄😄

  • Bob Proctor, my dear mentor, I really trust in your words but I understand that we need to have friends and conditions to start receiving money. A good job, a good company, and good friends that can help you to start that !! I really need and want singing.. Money is in the air !!

  • Which think and grow rich book would you recommend I buy, I'm currently reading one by Arthur R.Pell I was told it's not the real think and grow rich book?

  • Looking sharp Bob. Don’t have “you too can be prosperous” but I got a week off my job, Going to get it and study study study. Thank you for all your service 💰💰💰

  • BOB PROCTOR es uno de los lideres que mas me impacto en el libro de la ley de atraccion. Creo fiermente en esa ley💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 se que a mucho de ustedes tambien le a cambiado la vida sus enseñanzas

  • That 'having a certain degree of confidence' quote by Eric Hoffer got me really excited. It has also inspired me to look at the solution to a problem a bit differently. Thank you 🙂

  • Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service.

    You can drive in any street in America and from your car estimate the service that has been rentered by the people living on that street.


  • Thanks a whole lot Bob the legend I needed to hear that at this very moment Many blessings to you an your loved ones

  • He is a great man however i wish he change the dynamics of his voice..super loud then extremely low volume..haisst…anyhow im still thankful to you sir! Godbless

  • Amazing! Thank you for sharing. Please, could you tell us what to do to fall in love with what we are doing? Thanks in advance.

  • Aranyos köszönőm jól vagyok ,Az Orfi kórházban gyógyultam most utólag,vállamban ínszalag szakadás ,meg lett erőltetve.csak a családom és az egészségért élek 2019 06 27.

  • All I have to say about this video : Thank you very much Bob Proctor for sharing these precious concept!!! I feel love in the air is coming to me!!!😄🤩😄🤩👏👏👏😘

  • Whew that suit is sharper than a Number 2 pencil! ✏ I see you Mr. Proctor.
    Riches come in response to the application of definet principles.

  • I've found the Science to Getting Rich and it's one of my GEMS. It's one of the most profound books I've read next to Napoleon Hill's, Think and Grow Rich.

  • Ainda irei pessoalmente assistir aí nos EUA (USA) o curso completo com o Bob Proctor, e me tornarei seu afiliado.

  • If you don’t have a success mindset, I think it’s like having a Lamborghini Aventador without an engine 🤔

  • Dear beautiful you,
    I know you are struggling at the moment. Let me tell you remember that this time shall soon pass. As you know deep within yourself nothing lasts forever. Dont be so hard on yourself. You have so many good qualities within yourself. Think about all the compliments you have received from others. Its time to start believing in them. They are true learn to accept them. Start to love YOU. You are beautiful your creator created you beautiful always remember that. You have so much untapped potential within yourself. The world is waiting on your gifts. Stay true to you.

    Dear You,
    You are stronger than you know. All your past efforts were not in vain. They will start to manifest in days to come. Get ready there is about to be a big shift in your life. Walls are starting to come down. Keep the faith going strong. God sees what you do in private. All the hard work you have been putting in will indeed pay off. Keep on writing down your goals and try forget about them. Don't be so uptight to achieve them let go and indeed let god.
    Love the universe.

  • I perform multiple job functions for the same company, yet started out merely performing one. Over the years as needs arose in the company, I learned how and proceeded to perform the duties those needs called for, to the extent that now coworkers and employers come to me to perform those duties on a regular basis. I know the pay scale for each hat that I wear, but in no way earn anything near a commensurate salary for them all. In fact, 23 years later at this company, I am merely making the same money that a previous potential employee was asking for to do the single job I started out doing. If you work for a crook, run like hell.

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