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The Most Important Skill For Modern Day Employment

hey guys ECR G here and today we’re
gonna be talking about the most important skill for the modern day
worker hey guys ECR G here and today I want to talk about the most important
skill for the modern day worker now this applies to clinical research applies to
anything and everything basically any job nowadays and I want to do a video
because I think a lot of people too took this class for granted when they were
learning it back in middle school maybe early high school but practically kids
are coming out the womb with this skill now just because it’s that important to
know how to do this you need it for anything and everything
kids need it now just to take a test even just like a pop quiz you need to
know how to do this skill so are you guys ready for the skill go ahead and
let the drum roll typing now you’re probably thinking that skill that’s like
not even a skill like we took one class blah blah blah I don’t want to hear it
this is the most important skill for the modern day worker think about how much
time we spent on a computer nowadays at work I literally go to work I’m a
project management side and my whole entire job is predicated around the
computer my computer is the sole I guess the sole center of my job if there is no
computer I could not do my job without question so I don’t even know how people
did this role back in the day but it’s so important typing is so important if
you are very slow or don’t know how to type without looking you are seriously
slowing down the work you were seriously slowing down the workflow and you are a
rate limiting step in the process if you don’t know how to type correctly or very
quickly I mean the amount of emails we send the amount of into messages we send
the amount of newsletters that we make the amount of you know anything and
everything it’s all revolves around typing just doing a quick Google search
you get another type and if you’re sitting there hunting and pecking then
it just takes a lot longer to get things done in that time built over over days
months weeks just precious time that’s being wasted so typing is the most
important skill for the modern day and say thank you to your computer apps
teacher back in the day or whoever taught you typing because who knew
that’d be this important I think even when I was a kid growing up learning
typing I never I knew it was important to learn but I never felt like my life
was predicated on learning it you know they never focused it as much as they
did for like a history class or an English class I wonder why that is they
it was just one little class you took it you passed it it was like one of those
things you had to take I was never really focused on in-depth and it was
just kind of a backburner class and just to think like that is the most important
class because think about all the stuff you learned and you forgotten from from
your undergrad from yeah even your undergrad high school and middle school
elementary school thing all that crap they spent so much time for you to learn
and understand but you end up forgetting but typing we use every single day and
we’re talking just work right now we’re not talking about personal use of the
computer cuz I know we all spend a lot of time on the computer as well
personally so yeah just take this time say thank you for that computer apps
teacher who taught you typing or whoever taught you typing I remember they had
all back in the 90s the 90s they had all those computer games to teach you typing
I forget the names of them but they had a lot of courses you could take and
little they had a little cd-rom discs you put in
computer to play and you practice typing on it and so I don’t know if they still
have those today I’m sure they do but typing one of the most important skills
for the modern day and I’m curious if anybody is a teacher listening to this
or knows about it I’m curious at what age they team teach typing now because I
think I took typing in late middle school for like seventh eighth grade I
imagine they’re probably teaching typing while I like second grade now or a third
grade like they got to be teaching it early cuz I know my sister was in middle
school and she was taking all her tests on the computer at that point at her
school so I’m curious so comment down below if you know about that
comment if you agree is this the most important skill that was that’s not
really focused on but should have should be given a lot more respect in the
learning community because we use it every day of every job uses it you got
to do it for every single job there’s not a job in the modern era that is
gonna have any sense of longevity that doesn’t require you to know how to type
I’m sorry and if you can name one I challenge you in the comments the name
one that doesn’t require it any computer interaction so that’s gonna be a
challenge and I’m also realizing as the recording of this this technology is
moving so fast this could literally change in the next few years
just the way voice is coming online people I mean just like I said when I
alarm at night to wake up using voice I don’t type in my alarm name or set the
alarm I just ask Siri to set an alarm for me in the morning my ask Siri to
write reminders for me so you know with AI and voice integration you know you’ve
got Amazon Alexa you’ve got the Google one whatever Google is called Google
assistant and then you’ve got Apple Siri the way these things are getting better
and better every year you know a lot more the typing that we typically do
could be gone into voice which speed is the ultimate arbitrage it’s a lot faster
to say something you can get a lot more information across over the phone
you can typing it out and you can say a lot more just by typing by speaking it
then you can typing and it happens a lot faster so speed winds speeds the
ultimate arbitrage so literally in a year a couple years the the skill set is
gonna change you’re gonna have to know how to talk to a robot so that’s gonna
be the new skill and that could be the most important skill and they teach that
from early on well I’m sure kids then we’re gonna be basically born with
electronic devices so they’ll be learning to do that from a very young
age but yeah common if you agree down below thank you guys for listening to
this video just wanted to give a shout out for the most under rated skill of
all time but everyone uses it and comment down below if you agree once
again email us at Ally clinical group at if you have any questions
concerns wanna do business together network etc alright guys take care

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