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The new Profession Map: the new way to create value at work

You know that when someone’s brilliant at
their job, it’s not just because of what they know. It’s because of how they apply
it. In the changing world of work, you’ll encounter more situations that are completely
new, or that don’t fit your current policies, processes and rules. So how you apply what
you know will be increasingly important. The professional values will help you to apply
the new knowledge and behaviour standards to all those different situations. And to
make decisions that benefit people as well as the business. The professional values are:
Principles-led, Evidence-based, and Outcomes-driven. Being principles-led means considering what
you stand for as a people professional when you’re making tough choices. So even when
there’s no obvious rule or precedent, you still have a clear purpose to guide you. Not
all evidence is equal. That’s why, when you make decisions, you need to base them
on the best evidence available – not a feeling, a fad or selective vision. If you’re evidence-based,
you always have the data to support and drive your professional judgement. Finally, for
work to be better for everyone, you need to balance business outcomes with people ones.
That means asking yourself: what is it I want to achieve? And do those outcomes include
happier employees and communities, as well as a more profitable business? These professional
values will help you to make good decisions in the changing world of work. But it’s
when you use them together with the new Profession Map that you’ll make your biggest impact
– and achieve something amazing.

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