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The Occupation – Launch Trailer | PS4

Knowing what you know now, what you do it all again? [EXPLOSION] [CLOCK TICKING] There’s not a day goes by I don’t ask myself
that question. [CRUMBLING] Someone gets hurt
either way, I suppose. We will not stand
without a fight, and they won’t stop
until we’ve buried it too. Do you think Michael
would still be alive? I think some things
are just inevitable. Don’t you, detective? Let’s try and stick to your side
of the story, can we? Charles Bowman
treated his relationships like he was playing chess. Always willing to sacrifice
a pawn to win the game. – He was so aggressive.
– How so? Scarlet was putting
too much energy into sneaking around
behind my back. It’s her fault he’s dead. Get out. What happened
between the two of you? I thought you were friends. Too many things changed after
The Union Act was announced. You must’ve known
the repercussions The Union Act would have. Yes, I know. Yes, I believe the country
could be better. And no, I was as shocked
as everybody else when the bomb went off. Quite frankly,
everything else is irrelevant. And you believe that Alex Dubois was solely responsible
for this horrific incident? Yes. Yes. You don’t seem
too sure about that. Perhaps you haven’t been
paying attention, detective.

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