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WHITEHOUSE: When students think about a major, a lot of times they ask that question, “What am I going to do with that?” Now, for a lot of majors like Nursing or Accounting the answer to that is pretty easy: The name of the job is the same as the name of the major. In the liberal arts majors, what we really teach is less a particular job, and more what we call transferable skills. Research shows the graduates in those fields actually do quite well in the employment markets over the long term. What we’re trying to do in PAGES is to move students along on that trajectory and have them succeed early on in their careers, as soon as they’re graduating from college. GORMAN: PAGES is an innovative program designed to assist humanities students in identifying and achieving their goals in five performance areas: professional development and networking, academic excellence, global sophistication, engaged living and skill building. ELLIS: The PAGES Program is helping students like me to advance professionally and academically. GORMAN: Through peer coaching and professional development programming, our students are able to identify the transferable skills that they’re getting in their classes and then transfer them to their future careers. ELLIS: These are things that people are hiring for, like writing, critical thinking and communication, and these are things that I am learning as a humanities major and developing in the PAGES Program. HALTER: We’re helping them develop their professional identity so that they can get out in the real world and they can start participating in networking events and internships, getting their feet wet in their actual careers as well as exploring all the different possibilities that there are for their majors. WHITEHOUSE: We do things like workplace tours, we bring in speakers who represent different professions, we partner with outside organizations to bring employers here to speak with students and to network with students. SIMON: It really helped me understand what it means to not just focus on getting good grades or getting out of college, but how to balance everything and make your college career something that’s going to benefit you in the end in more ways than just, I got this GPA. WHITEHOUSE: Any student from one of our fields is welcome to join the PAGES Program. It’s not an honors program. It’s a program for any student who is looking for career preparation and looking for career exploration.

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