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Hi my name is Loree Levy deputy director
at the Employment Development Department EDD being unemployed is tough enough but
your path re-employment doesn’t have to be a rocky road we had ten key steps
that you can take to make your journey easier and faster in this video I will
guide you through each step with simple straightforward instructions it’ll take
you to your calls successfully we know that you had a job before and can find
one again so let’s get started if you lose your job through no fault of your
own or your hours are reduced by your employer the first step is to apply for
unemployment insurance benefits and the sooner you do it the better because
these benefits are being calculated from the date that you file not from the day
your job ended to apply for unemployment benefits please visit our website it’s a
quicker way to apply or get in touch with our call center you can also view
and easy-to-follow informational video on a website or on you to once you have
applied for unemployment benefits that’s second step is to register at the Cal
jobs website and create your account this step is mandatory to get
unemployment benefits you may be eligible for and it’s also a key step
for any job seekers to get connected to job openings in your field as soon as
you have set up an account on the Cal jobs website you are ready to move on to
Step 3 creating your resume the Cal jobs website has a tool called resume builder
that can help you create one or more different resumes depending upon the job
you were looking for their skill set education and experience create your
resume you will need the following your education and training information
employment history with date supervisors contact information duties and skills used the objective of your resume and job
search a form of identification preferably your
driver’s license or similar I D your complete contact information for a
potential employer and detailed references step for on your path
re-employment is to search for jobs with the help of resume builder on the couch
jobs website you’ll be very well prepared to excel at this step the job
search tool allows you to specify the type of job you on the area you are
looking to work in and other criteria important to you wouldn’t it be great to
be able to search for jobs even when you’re not on the computer and step 5
you can do that just setup job alerts with the virtual recruiter one of the
most valuable features of the cow jobs website the system will contact you when
job openings that match your criteria become available after you review the
job opportunities chances are you’ll be very excited to
jump to you depth 6 applying for jobs you can find
easy to use templates on the Cal jobs website help you create cover letters
that you can send to potential employers along with your resume Sept seven use
local office resources this may not be necessary for everyone but can
definitely come in handy for many people the America’s job centre of california
also called the AJCC offers computers printers copiers fax machines and
internet access to assist your job search free of charge check the website to find a center near
you they say that presentation is everything
and that’s what eight is all about the ED and local partners at your nearest
agencies the offer workshops at no charge of can help you improve your job
search application and interviewing skills take advantage
of them today step 9 identify and attend job fairs
it’s a great opportunity to showcase all the skills you have learned in steps 1
through 8 in front of potential employers in person contact your local
agencies the office today to find out about job sears’ hiring them and other
career opportunities you can attend we have now reached the last step which is
to keep in touch with the local AJCC especially if you have any questions and
apply for jobs until you land one we hope that you take these steps to speed
your journey to re-employment if you need assistance at any point please ask
for it at your local AJCC we’re there to help at the ED and your local AJCC we
know that you had a job before and can find one again

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