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The Power of NACE Membership

I don’t want to overstate it, but but
NACE’s impact has been substantial. The people I’ve met through NACE have
introduced me to new and different ways to to do my work, to do my job, and also
opportunities. I’ve traveled to different countries. I’ve helped different career
services and employers with their journey along the way. NACE encourages
you to share your passion. I’m able to be who I am and embrace all my identities
and really promote diversity, equity, inclusion because the organization
promotes that. I think one of the things that’s been really helpful for me by
being a member of NACE is not only what I learned in the profession and the
networking I’m able to do, but I’m also able to develop my leadership skills as
well. Whenever I have questions from employers or parents, administrators,
about salaries or about the Job Outlook I always go to NACE.
I actually rolled out our career competencies using materials from NACE. And I rolled that out to faculty and staff and I used a NACE as a benchmarking and
validation. Director of compensation for Disney, I actually pulled NACE data and
utilize that give us a benchmark because we were able to not only look at it
geographically, but by major and we just recently restructured our compensation
as a result of the next data. The (NACE Community) email that comes out daily. I look and see
what other people are asking questions about>It’s a great way to quickly find
out how all different universities and employers are going to be interested in
that conversation with freshmen Career Exploration. The (annual conference and expo) sessions that have the
live face-to-face that are in different cities because we’re located throughout
the country so we have our people attend various live sessions and then the
conference. The NACE conference is a great
opportunity for us every year. We do participate in the exhibit area and
we’re able to talk about our internship opportunities there. All of us are
collecting business cards or hooking up on LinkedIn and it’s a way for us to
continue the dialogue even after the conference. So it’s high energy in the
big sessions with the keynotes or you can go to a 20-minute or you can go to a
45- minute allowing you to also then have one-on-one chats with people get others
cards, get everybody’s information, if you meet them shake hands get their card and
contact them after the conference. It shouldn’t end once the conference is
over. It was always just me and the website, me and the handbook me and the
Salary Survey was very popular when I was a more junior or professional but
after that it was to be picking up the phone or sending an email for someone
that I had a hallway conversation with because they were interested in
something I was and it helped help both of us in our work. If you’re on the fence
about renewing, I think just do it and take the plunge because resources you’ll
get and the people you’ll meet at the annual conference but also through the
webinars, all the coaching, the leadership sessions that they have throughout the
year. NACE does a really good job of engaging members all year long. I
encourage people to not just join nice but to get involved too, whether it’s
going to local activities or join many of the different boards. Using NACE as a
benchmark we can prevent the validation of why we need services. I’ve used it for
budgeting, have used it for ruling out new policies. There’s just, it just seems,
to be no end to the amount of opportunity and it’s just a matter of
taking that step. Everyone no one has time for anything, but every time that I
have made time the dividends have been, you know, three and four and tenfold
for making this interaction so I tell people yep, it’s an extra thing but if
you make the time for the next I think it will pay you back.

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