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The President House of India – what you need to enter। Employment। Birthday Special Sunil The Happy

Aunty ji up lucky hain, but the good
thing is you don’t have to pay money to visit this. here video is allowed ? video
karna. it is the entry fee inside please? entry money no money. hello guys I want
to tell you something important things whenever you come to see Rastropoti vhabon, don’t forget your Identity card. I’m lucky because I got my passport with me.
whoever coming inside you just bring your passport that come from Bangladesh or
England. how come one guy can stay this big house he’s not scared of Vooth
should be vooth is there. 355 rooms 355 or 3055. 355 rooms that should be big
room otherwise this place is too big should be more than 300 rooms this room
is big. Rastropoti is really lucky man Ramnath kovind is Rastropoti. now mr. Ramnath Kovind
is very lucky to be a prime minister in India and can stay like this house.
Cammarata beretta Yami or yummy all he did there he must be dead
all right but normal public should not know where he lives
is it true yeah where is the secure place he should be
in a secure place this is a limit we cannot cross this this is the security
reason but this is the front side of security other ministers like that
premie Foreign Minister live here if I show you that place you see this this is
the performance live here I think different different ministers live
different different premises I have found one friend Indian friend
mr. number I mean you piece a head he just mind-blowing right he tells me
everything because I came in the office to buy ticket from the ability to otaku
and he helped the ball and he just not only helped me he buy food for me this
is the first time it’s happened with me in in India somebody buy food for me the
limit never believe it I am Roscoe potty Kevin ke samne
he could speak Carla Tahu so viewers don’t mind I am speaking Hindi there are
hindi chaya he her boyfriend hey onion Dada would to help at throughout the
journeys and guys I’m very lucky I don’t know what I done good works
God gave me Dada Dada showing me everything that are giving me times
thank you that there’s so much we’re just giving your valuable time you see
both sides saying they made left side similar both sides saying we go work
through that point and the end both side is same it’s just not one side is
different than other sides both side is same auntie-ji a black hijo nice place
me up casket ro lucky hey lucky but governor
this is nice place if i get chance to work here what do you think what should
be in the air time nobody’s losing fascist retreat chair
your face remain the same whenever you come this
don’t forget your IDenticard without IDenticard he cannot enter in this
premises but the good thing is you don’t have to pay money to visit this no entry
fee or nothing you just show your card the identity card is there your entry
pass what should I say this is the entry pass IDenticard this place is nice and
rich the British people made it and each premise got every ministers like that
billing leaves Foreign Minister I don’t know which we need to live here but the
each Minister got each premises might be not only the Prime Minister live only
here the other ministers live here I’m lucky to be here you

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