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The Reason You Were Born

So… this is the afterlife, then? “Yes.” And I’ve fulfilled my destiny? “Yes.” Great! Can you show me what’s come of it? “Yes.” Wait… this… this isn’t what I… “What you expected? No. But this is the result of what you’ve done
as part of your destiny.” All my life I sought answers. As a kid, I read a book that gave me this
idea: everything happens for a reason, and everyone has their own destiny. Since then, I’ve been seeking mine. At first I was as starry-eyed as any kid:
I wanted to have some glorified profession that involved saving lives and being heroic. Once, for example, I saw a girl who lived
next door calling for her cat; it had climbed a tree and couldn’t get down. So I fetched it for her, and decided I wanted
to become a firefighter. Then I grew up, and at 15 I realized that
there were other ways to help people, and they suited me better. I wanted to help people get a roof over their
head. That’s how I decided to become an architect. I studied hard and graduated from high school
with flying colors. Then I faced the first real obstacle: college. My family wasn’t rich, and my parents couldn’t
afford expensive tuition. So I applied for a scholarship and hoped for
the better. And the miracle happened: I got accepted! And that was the point I realized I’d finally
found my destiny. I was to become one of the greatest architects
of our time, give homes to thousands, if not millions of people, build a real estate empire
that no one could rival! I could do it because I was born for it. Years passed, and my success never faltered. I was the best student of my year, and I got
a job at a respectable company fresh after graduation. My bosses noticed my creative ideas, got them
to work, and within just two years I grew to a senior architect. In another two years, I said my goodbyes and
went on to start my own construction company. Soon after that I got married, and we had
two wonderful kids, son and daughter. I loved my family with all my heart, and my
wife supported my burning desire to fulfill my destiny. She believed in my purpose, that it was something
special, that I was meant to do great things. When I asked her what she thought her destiny
was, she smiled gently and said that she was just about to fulfill it. That was days before the birth of our first
child. I still don’t know what I did to deserve
that woman. I went on with my projects, and my company
steadily grew. At first, we were just one of many, but I
had a client base from my previous job, so I had something to start with. In several years, my enterprise grew into
something to be considered. And after a few more years, we stood among
the biggest players on the market. All this time I didn’t let myself forget
my original beliefs. I created a charity foundation and several
non-profit organizations to help struggling people get new homes. I never abandoned my dream to make the world
a better place for everyone. And so it went. With time, my company became a huge corporation,
and I was one of the most prominent people in the country. By the time I grew old, my kids were ready
to take the reins, so I left it to them and retired in peace, having lived the rest of
my days in a country home with my dear wife beside me. Such was my life. I was sure I fulfilled my destiny… until
this moment. This… creature in front of me resembled
a human in shape, but was unlike anything I’ve ever seen, more like a mirage than
a person. And it showed me my legacy — the future
of my company and my family — at an increased pace. And I didn’t understand what I was seeing. Or rather, how it could be. At first, everything seemed to go well enough:
my kids continued my work, and the corporation prospered. Then, they had a falling out, and the crack
between them grew so much that they eventually divided the company. Alone, they couldn’t manage everything,
and both their companies plummeted. The charity fund, the non-profit organizations
I’d established — all went under. My children and their employees lost everything,
and the work of my life turned into nothing. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe it was really what happened. Wasn’t it my destiny? Wasn’t it what I had been meant to do? “No.” Shocked, I looked at the creature. What, then? Is there no destiny at all? “There is. And you fulfilled it.” Now that was confusing. Had it been something I didn’t realize I
did, or what? “Almost. Take a look.” And he showed me myself, climbing the tree
all those decades ago and wrapping my arms around a frightened kitty. That boy of 7 who had been me returned the
cat to its owner, she beamed at him, said “thank you” and ran off home. And that was all?! I was born to rescue a neighbor’s cat? How does that qualify as destiny?! “That cat you saved. It had its destiny too. Later that day, it shattered a pot in the
living room, and the girl’s mother asked her to clean the mess. When she went to throw out the shards, she
met her own destiny and talked to the mailman, delaying him by exactly two minutes and thirty-three
seconds. Then, he went on to do what he had been born
for.” I still didn’t get it. So it was all about the mailman, then? “Yes. But not only him. You as well. And the girl. And even the cat. And everyone else in the world.” And with these words he showed me the whole
planet, or rather the outline of it, with shiny little dots all over the place. Those dots were people and animals, and they
flashed when they collided with each other — each flash represented one more destiny
fulfilled. And then they went about their business as
usual. I started suspecting something, but I wasn’t
sure yet. I turned to the creature and saw it was kind
of… smiling at me. “You know what it means. You were right in your childhood: everyone
indeed has a purpose, something they were born for. But it’s not the labor of their life, or
something larger than life itself. It’s usually a small thing — a trifle,
really. And when this condition is fulfilled… everyone
is free to do what they want to.” And then it finally dawned at me. All this time I believed in some kind of a
bigger purpose for myself. I created a picture where I was a hero, a
savior of the poor, and where destiny itself helped me on my way. But what I didn’t realize was that I was
doing what I could do best, and what I wanted to do the most. I was just following my dream. The creature smiled again and nodded. “Indeed. Now, before we go, let me show you something
else. You might find it heartening.” Again, the picture appeared in front of me. There was a woman standing at a window with
her back to me. She was looking out at a little boy who was
climbing a nearby tree to rescue a cat. When he got down and gave the kitty to its
owner, he saw his mother in the window and waved to her. She waved back and turned around — and I
saw it was my daughter.

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