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There are 10 Times More Sales Jobs than any other Profession, and Surprise! You Can Do This!

Looking for a job? Looking for a better
high paying job with upward mobility into management and senior management?
You need to look into sales. That’s right sales! Sales is the world’s
number one profession. It’s among the highest paying careers and at outnumbers jobs in any other profession by ten to one. Check for yourself, right now! Go to
your browser and type open jobs in your city for any profession you want. Nursing,
engineering, construction, programming, accounting… then replace the profession
with the word “sales”. In my most recent check in Baltimore on LinkedIn for
example, there were 1,016 nursing jobs 1,993 finance jobs even 10,428 IT technical engineering jobs there were 43,200 jobs on sales Nothing beats sales as a profession! Now
here’s what you need to know. Sales is not a dirty word. Sales is the honor of
helping someone make informed decisions and making them so happy that they look
forward to working with you again. Sales is not pitching, pushing, negotiating ,or
deception. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to work with a knowledgeable sales person to make important decisions even you. You want to know that the house, car, suit, computer, or landscaping you’re looking for will be right for you. After
all, you don’t want to make a bad decision with your hard-earned money.
Sales is about earning trust, understanding each customer’s needs, and helping them to make good, informed decisions. Sales is a privilege and it
happens to be a great career! Not only does it pay well, but most of the world’s
most successful companies are led by people with great sales skills. No matter
how wonderful a product or service is, nothing happens until somebody sells

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