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This Is Gustavo — Music Education

— When you give an instrument to a young person, that doesn’t have any hope, you’re giving a world of possibilities. In music, you have to listen to each other. You have to create harmony with other instruments, you start to listen differently. And when you apply that, in the society, you’re a different person. You are a different human being. I was blessed to be born in a country where we have a Maestro, José Antonio Abreu in a program called El Sistema. We are all the time together. Playing, listening to each other. Creating harmony and understanding. YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles) is a program inspired by El Sistema. It’s not only an orchestra. It’s not only a music school. This is a program for hope and inspiration. Maestro Abreu, always said, you know, start small. And from that, you get bigger and bigger. It’s incredible to see El Sistema in Japan. In Korea. In Sweden. Here in Los Angeles. It’s all around the world. Children. Listening. Watching other children. Doing music. Feeling like a family. Trusting each other. That is the dream, I think. Music as a fundamental human right. That for me is the most important thing.

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