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Tips for Barbie Doll Collection : The Many Professions of Barbie Dolls

Remember what I said before that collecting
Barbie’s has to be something you like well one of the things I do I collect Barbie’s
that I like. I like to care and see Barbie dolls Barbie dolls have over 80 something
professions in the history of the Barbie dolls there are so many different types of Barbie
dolls if you try to collect them all you go crazy. Anyways one of the Barbie dolls that
I have here with me is the Air Force Barbie my dad was in the air force so that meant
a lot to me to collect this Barbie. This Barbie actually had to be approved by the pentagon
to approve the uniform of the Barbie to insure that it actually looked like the uniform.
So that’s the reason why I like this Barbie.

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