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Tips to find a job #11: How your tone of voice can help in your job search

Hi, I’m Maria. I’m here to give you some tips on finding a job. (music) Building connection and trust with people is so important in getting life to work for you and getting the job you want and keeping the job you love. So when we understand having rapport means building trust with someone, we can actually do this by understanding the tone of voice we’re using when we’re communicating and listening to the tone of voice someone may be giving back to us. This helps us deepen our connection to other people. Incredibly, our tone of voice can really have an impact on how we may be heard. So if I was using a tone of voice that was right off, it might seem jarring. Well, of course it is, because the tone just changed dramatically. When we become mindful of our tone it actually allows us to deepen our connection in communication with other people. Now another thing that you can focus on is the key words that someone’s using. So when I’m talking about key words, what I mean by that is the key words that someone is using in communication. For example, in a job interview, they might ask you, “What makes you good at your job?” Now the key word there is “good”. So you would come back and say what makes me good is this. If you were out of rapport you would use a word that isn’t the same as what they’ve used. So you might say, “Well what made me great …” when in actual fact “good” is the word they’ve used. You want to feed that word back to them. So if you’re in an interview and you’re matching the tone of voice that the person’s using, and then match the keywords back to them, you are more likely to build a deeper connection and therefore a deeper level of trust for that person. They will then find it easier to connect with you, build rapport and consider you more deeply for the job. So give that a go. Notice the key words are the words that someone uses and you feed back to them. And the tone of voice is matching as well. This takes a little bit of practice but once you bring your awareness to how people are communicating, you’ll really notice in yourself how you communicate. Thanks for watching. Ready to find out some more? go to the job active website where you can get heaps more information. (music)

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