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Tips to find a job #27: What’s your superpower?

Hi I’m Maria I’m here to give you some
tips on finding a job knowing your skills is such an important part of
marketing yourself to employers it helps you build your resume and it also helps
you in your interview so if you can reflect on the skills that you have
perhaps it’s maths, collecting information, collaborating, talking to
people or you may have skills that you haven’t even realized yet. For example at
home let’s say you love to cook and you know how to read a recipe and pull the
ingredients together and then make something well there are a range of
skills that go into that and that allows you to build out your resume and in the
interviews as well so ask your friends or family what are the things that I’m
good at and I’ll bet there are things that you didn’t even realize that you’re
good at even cleaning a room is a skill of organizing knowing how to plan
knowing how to take action these are great things to unpack inside yourself
and this will absolutely help you in getting the job you want. Thanks for
watching ready to find out some more go to the jobactive website where you can
get heaps more information.

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