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Tips to find a job #29: How to get the basics on your resume right

Hi I’m Maria. I know looking for work can
sometimes be tough, so here’s a tip to get you going. If you’re looking for work, and don’t have
a resume, your job prospects are probably going to be a little bit limited. So we want to talk about the resume and what
you need to have on it. Remember the resume is really an extension
of you. So you want to be able to put your information on the resume for people to see
really clearly who you are. So the things on your resume that you want
to include are your name, your contact details and your email address. You also want to list
where you’ve worked and the responsibilities you had in that job role as well. You want to list your skills and attributes
and the things that you know about yourself that you’re good at. You want to list your education, any qualifications
you have, and any volunteer work that you’ve done. This is really important to list because
it can show that even if you haven’t been working you’ve been actively engaged in doing
something. Even if you help out with a sporting group
of other clubs, this is great to list. You can list your interests as well because
it shows who you are – and I think that’s an important piece to getting yourself across
the paper. You might want to list your career objectives,
this could be a really simple statement of what it is you want to achieve as your outcome. This can really define what you’re looking
for and it can help the employer see that you’re a match to their culture. You want to make sure you have two references
and make sure you’ve called the references so they know they may be called. So you might already have a resume, so it’s
important to review it and you really should be updating it every six months. And add the
qualifications or the training you’ve been up to and anything else you might be doing
to keep it fresh and current. So, take some time out, get your resume and
have a review and get going on updating it.

2 Replies to “Tips to find a job #29: How to get the basics on your resume right”

  • What useless information I was expecting more than this. Being that we are so modem in technology I think it is making it harder to find a job because computer algorithms are checking for key words in your resume and cover letters. I only use basic English words and no fancy key words which employers like to use in there job ads which try to make the job sound more complicated then it really is. My English ability is good but start using fancy words and I will not even understand you.

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