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Tips to find a job #35: Never suffer from job regret again

Hi, I’m Maria. Are your job applications not cutting it?
Here’s some help. (music) Sometimes it’s tough looking for jobs. And it’s really discouraging. And at times, you
just want to give up. So it’s important to think about the job you
want and the job that’s on the way to the job you want.
Part of this allows you to feel motivated and a bit of momentum as well. So think about
the hours that you want to be working, think about the types of people you want to work
with, think about your values, and all the things that go into that. And know that you
have a dream job and you have an on the way job.
Now, that on the way job, may not be the perfect job for you but it will give you a sense of
achievement, waking up, motivation, and routine and all of these things are so important for
you to feel good. And then, be really active in the job search for the job that you want.
Employers love employing people that are employed. You are more employable to them. So having
that job is actually going to put you up on the list of getting the job you really want.
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