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Tips to find a job #43: Know your rights and responsibilities at work

Hi, I’m Maria. Are your job applications not
cutting it? Here’s some help. (Music plays) Rights and responsibilities at work keep everyone – employers and employees alike accountable
to their actions. I know this sounds like a heavy topic, but
as much as employers have responsibilities like providing a safe workplace and paying
the award wages, so do you as their employee. So we all know the big ones when it comes
to employee rights, like fair pay, safe workplace, superannuation, leave and receiving your payslip.
But have you ever thought about your responsibilities to an employer and co-workers.
Did you know that you’re responsible for the safety of yourself and others in the workplace.
Turning up for work, reporting any work health safety issues, notifying your employer when
you are sick, notifying your employer of any changes that might impact your work, and providing
your employer your tax file number, and also checking your payslip.
I know it’s a big list, but it’s really important to know, as people we have to get along, and
we all need to know what’s ok and what’s not ok.
So be proactive, and be aware of not just your rights, but your responsibilities. Your
employer will know and you should too. So double check yourself, and your employer
and make sure you are both doing the right thing. Thanks for watching. Never miss a tip, and subscribe to our channel. (music)

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