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Top 10 Most Extreme and Strongest Female Bodybuilders 2017

The world of bodybuilding is predominantly
a male dominant industry. But if you thought that all famous bodybuilders
have been males, you’re about to proven wrong. Because, today we’re looking at the strongest,
the baddest female body builders ever. Number 10. Dana Linn Bailey
Starting off our list is the American IFBB Pro, Dana Linn Bailey, a professional bodybuilder,
an Instagram queen, who has some of the best shoulders out there. With over 1.8 million Insta followers, Dana
is a constant source of inspiration to young women all over the world. Number 9. Julia Vins
Coming next on our list is the Russian “muscle barbie”, Julia Vens, who first shot to Internet
fame after a series of photos showing her cute face and muscular physique went viral. The young athlete from Engels, Russia might
have the face of an angel, but her massive arms and legs are enough to put most men to
shame. Number 8. Kristy Hawkins
Kristy Hawkins is a proof that you don’t need to ditch your brains or good looks to become
a pro bodybuilder. Having a masters in Chemical Engineering,
Kristy initially started bodybuilding to lose weight, before finally turning pro in 2007. Even after quitting bodybuilding a few years
later, she still maintains her traditional bodybuilding physique. Number 7. Iris Kyle
At 42 years of age, Michigan native, Iris Kyle is a well known bodybuilding legend. Over her long and successful career, Kyle
has won the Ms Olympia contest ten times. The male version of the competition – Mr Olympia
was won by Arnold Schwarznegger seven times. Number 6. Natalia Trukhina
Another Russian on this list, Natalia Trukhina has been always open about her steroid use,
and has even divided the internet on whether it is acceptable for a woman to look the way
she does. What’s your opinion ? Number 5. Denise Rutkowski
Denise Rutkowski first shot to fame after she won the second place in the 1993 Ms. Olympia
Championship. Steroid use may have given her an impressive
physique and fame, but it has also made her unrecognizable. Today, Denise looks nothing like she used
to, due to her masculine appearance and extensive facial hair. Number 4. Alina Popa
Alina Popa is a Romanian professional bodybuilder who started her incredible physical transformation
at the age of 12. At 19, she was inspired to begin weightlifting
after seeing a pro bodybuilder at her gym. Popa is known to be the strongest woman in
the sport, with the ability to squat over 400 pounds. Number 3. Pauline Nordin
Number 3 on our list is Sweden born model and Television host, Pauline Nordin. This Swede based model has fronted the Nordic
version of The Biggest Loser, and has also released a series of gym and diet guide. Number 2. Virginia Sanchez
Virginia Sanchez is a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer from Madrid, Spain. She started training for competitions at the
young age of 17, and competed in her first amateur competition when she was only 19. She’s now in her 40s but looks bigger and
stronger than ever. Number 1. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia is one of the most decorated professional bodybuilders in the sport. She earned her pro card in 1993 after winning
the Central American Championships and moved to the United States. This began over ten years of professional
bodybuilding, and Oriquen is still training and competing today. Do you have something to say about the sport
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