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Welcome to! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired. If you’re not subscribed yet, you’re missing out. Greetings Aluxers and welcome back for another insightful video we carefully crafted here at Today we’re going to be talking a little about the most stressful jobs in the world, why are they so stressing and what you can do to make it better. We’ve seen it time and time again how work-related stress can damage relationships, productivity, physical and mental health, and so much more… It’s sad to say that in our society, stress is almost a given. You start young worrying about getting good grades, then worrying about passing exams, then gettings good results at work, then when you’re older, stressing about your health-giving out before you can enjoy your pension and more time with your loved ones. It’s kinda terrible, let’s be honest. When it comes to professions, some naturally come with higher levels of stress, while others will take you totally by surprise, because stress takes many shapes and forms. When it came down to ranking the most stressful jobs the system took into account 11 job demands that evoke stress. These factors included: So, without going too much into detail, let’s have a look at the top most stressful jobs in the world: Potential causes of stress: Traffic, directions, vulnerability. Taxi drivers face a rather unique type of stress because they never know who their next passenger could be. It might be someone running late for a flight, some cranky old people coming back from a doctor’s visit, or it could even be a serial killer. The combination of low wages, slow employment growth, bad weather, lunatic traffic participants, drunk and rude passengers, along with other undesirable work environment issues not to mention the fact their jobs are going to be among the first replaced by robots in the near future makes this job highly stressful. Also, according to statistics, this profession faces the highest murder rates on the job than any other. Potential causes of stress: People management, high-stakes decision-making. Making this high on the corporate ladder comes with plenty of responsibilities, pressure and of course lots of stress. More often than not, this role comes with plenty of pressure from having to manage a lot of people with different personalities, various commitments, and in many cases thousands or millions of dollars at any given time. Furthermore, being the top person that makes important decisions and affects the way things are running, requires that you spend quite a few hours outside those mentioned in the initial contract to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. And, that sooner or later can result in burnout, depression, anxiety or even substance abuse. Potential causes of stress: High public visibility, public speaking, management of bad publicity. These professionals are responsible for managing a diverse pallet of people with different needs and personalities and these clients can sometimes carry unrealistic expectations about how public relations can solve their problems. Nowadays, with the media constantly changing and keeping up with the latest trends, along with dealing with different celebrities and public figures will lead to exhaustion coupled with varying degrees of stress in no time flat. Potential causes of stress: Strict deadlines. Having to deal with the uncertainty of not knowing what tomorrow’s destination for a story will be, along with the pressure of constantly publishing before your competition, can cause serious physical and mental taxing in the long run. The competitiveness in this field is fierce and getting more eyeballs on your piece first, can lead to some bold, reckless decisions, which can endanger one’s safety. This alone speaks of the high level of stress reporting jobs can lead to. Potential causes of stress: Strict deadlines, large-scale organizations. Juggling deadlines, vendors, intricate details, unique client personalities and last-minute chaos that can potentially rise to ruin your plans requires constant multitasking, hypervigilance, good memory all of which can result in excess stress. To plan and organize any kind of event from a wedding to a corporate Christmas banquet to a 6-year-old’s birthday party you’ll need to have good connections, good communication skills and great problem-solving abilities, otherwise, you won’t make it far in this business. Now Alxuers, we want to take a moment to make you aware of some of the potential side effects of bad stress, if left unchecked, these include; However, we have the perfect solution for the excess stress, along with other unwelcome issues you have and it’s called mind mastery. We spent over a year creating what we believe is the best thing we’ve ever produced and the best that’s on the market right now. The doors to it are closed once again, but if you go to and sign up, we’ll be sure to notify the second the doors open up again. Potential causes of stress: High public visibility/scrutiny, live television, public speaking. To get a job as a broadcaster you’ll need to be a good public speaker, and be able to properly handle a variety of tricky situations that might arise, from technical errors to interviewees acting out. When you’re constantly in the limelight, being responsible for delivering the latest info on all kinds of events, stress and anxiety will kick in hard. Also, having to deal with environmental hazards, overtime, fatigue, agitation, along with other physical and psychological symptoms makes this job one of the most stressful around. Potential causes of stress: Life-threatening situations. As a police officer when you take an oath to protect and serve the citizens it’s made very clear that you have to put your life on the line every day and deal with life-threatening situations such as armed robberies and making arrests and confronting dangerous people. Working long hours, placing themselves in dangerous situations, witnessing horrific events, along with ensuring that communities run smoothly and safely on a regular basis, this continuous tension can wear out even the toughest of individuals and includes a lot of stress, which is tipically accompanied by other health issues. Potential causes of stress: People’s lives and safety in their hands. Being the sole person entrusted with the safety responsibility of hundreds of passengers on a constant basis, during the long hours while being in the air, along with unexpected changes in schedules can be very taxing on pilots. Airline pilots often experience irregular working hours, which can result in fatigue and jet lag. These coupled with time away from friends and family can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. However, this position is quite prestigious and, although it comes with its unique stress factors, having a high paycheck at the end of the day makes it all worth it for many pilots. Potential causes of stress: Life-threatening situations, people’s lives in their hands. Risking your life on a daily basis for the safety of others is no easy picnic. Not knowing how dangerous the next situation will be, what hazards you might encounter and how many lives you’ll need to save, raises the intensity of this job as well as the stress levels. Besides stress, being a firefighter can also put a strain on your personal life, because last-minute shift changes can happen at any minute and you won’t be able to make too many plans in advance. Furthermore, the pay is not all that much when compared to the risk and mental health issues involved, that can occur after years of risking your life to save other people and sometimes losing them. Potential causes of stress: Life-threatening situations, war zones, weapons management. If you saw this one coming, congratulations you were correct. Being an active soldier in the military is the most stressful and dangerous profession on Earth. Being away from home for months at the time and the threat of imminent risk for injury or death, both to oneself and others cause great stress and anxiety, with many troops left with psychological issues and post-traumatic disorders. Not to mention that coming back and trying to reintegrate into society can also cause some stress with many ex-military individuals. And there you have it Aluxers, the top 10 most stressful jobs in the world. Now let’s talk a bit about some things that you can do to improve your lifestyle and stop stress from taking over. Here they are; And, of course, this video wouldn’t be complete without a bonus. Here it is: Although the previously listed 10 professions made it to the list, there are loads more around the world that involve tons of stress and should also be taken into account, so we wanted to use this opportunity to share a couple of these with you, and remind you they all deserve respect and just like you, they are serving others to the best of their abilities, or at least that’s how it should be. In no particular order: Thank you for spending some time with us Aluxer. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video. If you want more we handpicked these videos you might enjoy, or head over to for the best in fine living content on the planet. Be a part of the largest community of luxury enthusiasts in the world and tell your story.

100 Replies to “TOP 10 Most STRESSFUL Jobs”

  • Hello Aluxers! Do you have a stressful job?

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  • Glad you included attorneys at the end. Entertainment attorneys, divorce attorneys and immigration attorneys being high up there on the list.

  • 10. Taxi driver
    9. Corporate officer
    8. Public relations executive
    7. Reporter
    6. Event coordinator
    5. Broadcaster
    4. Police officer
    3. Airline pilot
    2. Firefighter
    1. Military personnel

  • 10.Taxi driver
    9. Senior Corporate Officer
    8. Public Relations Executive
    7. Reporter
    6. Event Coordinator
    5. Broadcaster
    4. Police Officer
    3. Airline Pilot
    2. Firefighter
    1. Military Personnel
    Bounce : Lawyer , It Manager , Financial Manager , Rehabilitation Counselor

  • What! No NFL players or coaches? No waiters or cooks. I know restaurant employees are constantly disrespected but the job is highly stressful by design. However, NFL player should be number 2 on the list hands down. They face constant stress, deadlines, competition, injury, traveling and media coverage, plus they are ALWAYS in danger of losing their jobs. NFL players HAVE to be on the list!

  • Hey listen Ido not like your voice ,I do not any subject matter you chose to lie about it the sound of your voice should be for children 4 or 5 . Encaustic is so phony .

  • Alux!!! You haven’t mentioned professional ballet dancers. Not only is this job very complex it is stressful on the body, day in and day out. It is as well stressful on the mind. Imagine yourself going to gym everyday for 6 hours and you work as hard as you can than after you have to perform in front of many people and put on a show. Which means you have to dance/act/and be physical again. The next day you are sore and in pain but you have to do it again anyway and pretend you don’t feel any physical or mental pain and convince the audience that you are a prince or whatever role you are. Actors just do one thing, athletes do as well just one thing, scientists as well. But dancers have to act be athletes and problem solve all at the same time! And that everyday…. Alux when was the last time you did the splits? Remember the pain!

  • Let me give my list:




    4. POLICE




    8. JUDGE

    9. REFEREE


  • I mean what about middle class jobs, nurses, start up entrepreneurs, EMT, emergency call operators, firefighters, police officers….etc

  • I am a doctor to be(m.b.b.s student) and a teacher and i came here to type that i am very stressed and i dont even get paid enough to pay half of my college fees but when i came here i saw almost everyone is suffering and are in stress..

  • How about nurses? We handle lives and keeps an eye to our patients, we are overworked and underpaid, oftentimes short-staffed, being harassed by family members and the public, and not to mention the arduous schooling to become a nurse!

  • Lemme start by saying I Bought book THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON as suggested and it’s mind blowing. However on today’s video I didn’t like list cause you guys missed out on keys professions like Surgeons. However that’s not the reason am here. I have been so keen on the video from the introduction to the bonus section and realized that you guys just change guys on scenes to play different roles. Like the Public relation guys doubled up as the reporters. Though it could be cutting budget cost but you can do better than that. Am saying this as a true aluxer. Keep the improving fellas. I love the Mastery product only that am not financially stable to enroll 🤑. Kerina 🇰🇪

  • Graphic Designers
    – Unrealistic deadlines, amount of work does not match amount of time needed to do the project.
    – Salaried position, extremely long hours
    – Rushed Projects
    – Large amounts of managers but low amount of designers actually doing the work
    – Slow Growth or Advancement
    – Favoritism in the workplace
    – Racial biases for advancement
    – Low wages
    – Company's Look for Unicorns (Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Motion Designer, Front-End Web Developer, Photographer and Copywriter all roles in only ONE person)

  • Really? Lol. Broadcasters? Reporters? Pest control is more stressful than these 2.
    Firefighters and Police officers are tied for #1. Fight me!

  • Being a security.. must be number one on yor list… imagine all factors are closing for holidays are you are not… and under paid…

  • As retired military, I agree that military personnel deserves the top spot because of hazards, stress, and unpredictability due to the nature of the job. And the safety and survival of multiple lives can depend on your actions at anytime.

  • The one profession that all these other professions depend on in some way shape or form . Truck drivers
    Some are traveling miles on end away from family an friend battling fatigue, dot, traffic and to keep a straight line within. Have you eaten today, are you wearing your favorite gear, that car you're driving etc etc
    Gratitude for a truck driver that brought it to a town near you

  • I have been watching your videos for awhile now I've enjoyed all of until now. The reason why I'm not happy with alux is simple. Your list only has one blue collar job on it. The rest are white collar jobs. I've been fortunate that I can work my dream jobs which are probably two of the most stressful job anyone could work . They are Executive Chef and truck driver. Suicide rate among Chefs is the highest in the work force. Now I'm a truck driver the stuff we see as professional drivers is crazy. The stress leve is off the charts. I love both of my careers. But I'm a stress monster!!! Next time you might want to look a little bit deeper in to the blue collar jobs . Unless you are just catering to the white collar people.

  • Salespeople Always having taking shit from customers and your bosses, having to achived high sales goals, not knowing how much you Will earn and risk losing your job at any given moment because of bad sales. Also the same goes for cab drivers low paying job with no knowledge of how much you Will earn

  • Those in food service and cleaning positions deserve an honorable mention. People who are employed in those positions deal with large amounts of stress. Low wages and dealing with management and customers can endure a lot of stress.

  • As I agree with most of these positions, the most stressful and most dangerous position besides the taxi drivers is being a teacher.

  • Oh really?? Taxi driver being a stressful job??? In the Philippines there are some ways that taxi drivers can cope with stress. Scamming and overcharging passengers! Wtf! 🙄

  • Thank you for mentioning the military as a stressful job. As a retired Marine I cannot begin to tell you how stressful are the demands placed on us.

  • Power plant electric generation operator, railroad ops/dispatch, fuel handler, & heavy equipment ops rolled up in 1 nasty burrito….also locomotive ops and emergency response team or ERT.

  • Why isn't a NURSE on this list? I salute my sister (and sometimes brother) RNs. LPNs, and HCAs who work with violent people everyday.

  • I somehow come across all these threats without getting paid for it.. Maybe it's just practice for upcoming events. And thanks for the mind mastery recommendation it's important for audience who basically clicked on this video. Religion is stressful in middle east they can't escape shit.. Same here

  • I am a surgeon yesterday in the surgery the anaesthetist couldn't intubate a very obese patient because of his short fat neck and anatomical problems in the throat inlet …,The scenario— patient turns blue because he is already relaxed by medication and will not breathe by himself , monitor alarm starts ringing and increases in crescendo as the oxygenation drops and carbon dioxide builds up , equivalent to keeping your head fully immersed in water for 10 minutes or more, you can see the oxygen saturation readings falling and turns red from green in the monitor , if they cannot intubate we have to cut open his throat and put a tube in with all the blood splatting around because we cannot bother to control the bleeding because of lack of time, …finally he was intubated with help of fibrotic scope and surgery went on well .. but in addition inadvertent things can happen during the surgery also…… Yeah you can say that a passenger sitting in the back of your taxi is fully conscious and he can think of shooting you down and hence Taxi driver job can be more stressful

  • I'm willing to think many people didn't watch the video. I'm seeing so many where is Police, Firefighter, etc. They're on the list!
    I agree Surgeons and Nurses should be on here, but number 1 will always be the most stressful.

  • You missed air traffic controllers. Unlike pilots, they have the lives of thousands of passengers in their hands every day.

  • This list is total crap, mainly because it doesn’t include my husband’s job as being number one on the list. My husband is a ER physician and has been for the past 19 years. Every time he goes to work, he LITERALLY has other people’s lives in his hands. He had seen more death in his career than any other professional has. He doesn’t see one patient at a time. He floats MULTIPLE patients at a time and he’s not allowed to make any mistakes or be human in any way. His shifts are 12-13 hours long, and he’s on his feet nearly the entire time. No set lunch hour. In fact a lunch HOUR is a joke. He can’t go to the bathroom to take a sh*t without a nurse pounding on the door about a decompensating patient. He treats the firefighters and police who get burned or shot on the job – tries to keep them alive. He’s always at risk of a crazy drug-seeker coming through the ambulance bay with a gun because he wouldn’t give them the drugs they wanted. He’s the one who tells the wife her husband died from the heart attack and had to listen to “the grief wail.” He’s given terminal cancer diagnosis news to unsuspecting people. He’s seen a teenager decapitated in a car wreck and had to tell her parents their daughter was dead and her head was severed from her body. He’s dealt with hopeful mothers who have miscarried. He worries about sue-happy people who don’t get what they want (he can try, but he isn’t God) bringing BS lawsuits. He brings all of the feelings conjured up because of all of the grief, sadness and death home with him. His hair went grey before age 40. He gets depressed (mainly when he tries like hell to save someone and they don’t make it). Sometimes he’s too upset to eat. His sleeping schedule is all messed up because his work schedule jumps around between day and overnight shifts. He is almost always stressed and often finds it hard to relax and separate work from home because he cares about the patients. Yes, he has high blood pressure and a sleep disorder.
    Shame on ALux for not including ER doctor as the MOST stressful job, because it is.

  • Don't you think, Merchant Navy as a profession is more stressful, staying away from the family for months and hectic schedule.

  • I’ve been a firefighter for almost 8 years and just at my dept alone 2 guys have commited suicide, a couple have attempted it, more than a lot of divorces, injuries and different types of cancers to guys that are physically fit and in their 20s and 30s so its rewarding but it can be extremely stressful and mentally draining

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