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Top 5 Professions for Making Gold in World of Warcraft Legion 7.1

Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is my top 5 rankings of
professions for profit in Legion. If you’re dithering over which professions
to pick and making gold is your goal, this should help! (bank alt waves, dances at the
AH) #5: Jewelcrafting. Because of how strong secondary stats are
for a lot of classes in Legion, being able to cherry pick a ring or neck with your best
two is better than you’d think. A fully upgraded crafted piece with perfect
stats is still Best in Slot for a lot of people, which means there’s gold to be had. Cut Gems also sell reasonably well, making
Jewelcrafting one of the better crafting professions to take. (looking at crafted prices)
#4: Inscription. Tranquil Mind tomes and Codexes are incredibly
valuable for raiding guilds and players changing talents on the go in their mythic + and raids. Selling Tomes of the Tranquil Mind is an easy,
steady source of income. On top of that, even though Glyphs are cosmetic
only now, they’re holding their value incredibly well. There’s a huge selection of cool glyphs that
people are willing to pay big money for. Inscription is in good shape. (top glyph prices and codexes)
#3: Alchemy. This is never NOT good. Flasks and potions are eternally in demand,
and they’ve been selling particularly high during legion. Not even the cheaper Potion of Prolonged Power
has done much damage to combat pot prices. As an added bonus to the bumpin market, if
you PvE yourself you’ll find your flasks last twice as long when you’re an Alchemist. Can’t argue with that. (Flask Prices)
#2: Enchanting. Extra epics and blues basically fall from
the sky in Legion. You get em from World Quests, from your daily
heroic, from your Mythic Plus, from Order Hall Missions, and every day from your emissary
cache. Even if you never craft an enchant, being
able to DE your scraps is nothing to sniff at. (enchant prices)
That 30 gold 835 neck from your emissary cache suddenly gets you a 300 gold Chaos crystal. If you pursue actually enchanting stuff too,
you’ll find the strong enchants sell amazingly well as people continue to upgrade their gear. Another thing to note is that if you’re a
career PvPer, Enchanting is your strongest option. Every form of PvP will randomly give you gear,
and it disenchants for a lot more than vendor price. Finally, #1: Herbalism. Crafting professions are great but they suffer
from extravagantly long quest lines and kinda high mat prices. Herbalism, on the other hand, is still more
or less pick flowers and get rich. Herbs fuel pots, flasks, glyphs, talent swap
tomes and they even find their way into cooking recipes. If you can’t settle on a profession and you’re
tight on gold, Herbalism is your best bet. (picking flowers until end)
So, those are my picks for the best gold-making professions in Legion! The best choice for you is going to depend
on your server economy and the way you like to play WoW. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful,
wonderful day.

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