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TOP 5 WORST EXERCISES (Stop Doing These!!)

100 Replies to “TOP 5 WORST EXERCISES (Stop Doing These!!)”

  • Main reason why people got hurt. Lifting to much to fast, and lifting improperly. Don't blame the exercise for the ignorance of an individual.

  • Good mornings are how Bruce Lee screwed his back up, or was it some dude named Johnny Sun kicking him in the back, hmm 😒

  • You could add pullups behind neck and pulldown behind neck. Same negative effects on the shoulders as the exercise you mentioned.

  • When should we stop going to the gym?
    Are we continue trying to get that pump as we age?
    Some of us will someday let ourselves go and lose our gains.

    I'm high af

  • I love how some of you people know SO much more than a licensed physical therapist and personal trainer based on what you've read, likely on bodybuilding forums. Gimme a break, guys. Any of you ever actually take an A&P Class? I have, and he's right.

  • The problem with the alternate to flies is that not everyone has that kind of machine. Likewise, the problem with the leg extension alternative is that I can't even figure out what the guy is doing with the weights and the rubber band. I like the idea of doing better alternatives, but I'd like the idea better if they were things that could be done with simple equipment.

  • Jeff is pretty dam good at selling us athlean x programs. Im not conviinced the leg extension is soo bad for the knee… Ive done em like a million times and my knees have 0 issues…. and im real good at fuckin myself up and hurting some shit. but ive put this exercise to the test… not convinced i need to go buy athlean x programs to be able to know a better option, not convinced the option i was using is bad, thats why sooo many people can do leg extensions just fine. Its never even been something ive heard any one complain about. Il save my money but good sales pitch though.. real good, he threw a whole bunch of smart anatomy words in there even..

  • Fly's are fine, just be reasonable with the weights that you use. Its nice to finish off your chest after 8 or so sets of incline/flat db press and the stretch feels great! Even with a light weight.

  • Thank you.

    1. Never did good mornings and i never will
    2. I always felt like leg extensions did damage to my kness but kept doing them because they were the norm.
    3. I always do up right rows but now that you have given me this knowledge and the fact that it always felt abnormally hard to do them i will stop.
    4.i never had a problem with the behind the neck press but wont do them ever again.
    5. I stop doing dumbell flys a long time ago because I just never felt like i did anything and i also felt like i was going to tear something.


  • Love it. I may have hurt my knees by doing those leg raises which I started learning a while ago, are not good for you and this video just confirmed it. Thanks for the advice in all of the bad exercised we've all been doing for years.

  • You should use a skeletal model or muscular model to help you show us what you are describing when you are talking about how the shoulder joints are negatively affected in the behind the neck press, and the other exercises.

  • I can't seem to find any kind of inner chest exercise that actually works out well for me and its getting embarrassing because the rest of my chest is building up normally and they is this soft huge gap at the base. Struggling more with declines and lower chest build up more than others. I try to do various inner chest workouts i've seen online and nothing is working. Any advice would be greatly appreciated because I really want to do things right.

  • My dad used to have me doing those damned dumbbell fly's and I fucking hated them so I knew I had to watch this vid.

  • I see 13k people disliking this video. I really would like your input on why you would disagree with this.. upright rows and and chest flys are some of my favorite exercises

  • Some say running is bad,some say squats will hurt ur spine, and now this guys dumps most of the exercises in injurious to health list. So it means sitting infront of the tv and eating chips is the safest thing to stay healthy and injury free i guess.

  • I didn't know that about leg extensions. Thanks for that! Really liked the video and the way you explain things!

  • Ill be honest… my quads have blown up using the leg extension. I’m tall and have long legs, and it has built my legs up really quickly.
    I don’t know….

  • Came back to this video purely as good mornings are in my program now and I wanted the notes and Jeff is spot on.
    They are a great accessory and will take your squat and deadlift to the next level, but hugely about mobility and working in a sensible range of motion.

  • I have found when allot of other sports athletes are lifting in the gym they have the worst form and dont even train that hard. I see this guy who brings young athletes into the gym to train them. Its a joke. He doesnt teach them anything about intensity at all. I doubt they are going to gain much in size or strength. He is bascially ripping them off. Now a days all the youngsters get sucked in by these assholes. This guy is just some skinny looking turd. I feel sorry for their parents paying for his crap.

  • I dont think you understand most bodybuilders could give a shit less about functional training. I am not going to play some lame ass team sport. My goal is to build muscle mass period. Fuck training like an athlete you dont realize bodybuilders are training to be freaky. AS long as I can walk, eat, shit and sleep and do my job I dont care about playing soft ball or some other boring ass team sport. Its so obvious why most of the current young millenial lifters look so small they train like powder puffs with very little intensity and worry about their cell phones and doing stupid shit. They are want to be powerlifters with no genetic potential or very little and most of it is due to their lack of focus and intenstity. I would say 95% wont even be training in their 40s and 50s.

  • This guy is a fkn Idiot don’t listen to him. Look at Arnold’s body. He did all these exercises, stop making excuses and go hard.

  • I have a foot defect in my left foot that prevents me from doing lunges, at least, on my right side with my left foot behind, it twists in a very painful way as I drop into a lunge. My big toe points in and the knuckle part juts out, I also have fallen arches. To compensate for this, I do single leg press instead of lunges and leg ext. Obviously I rely heavy on squats and deadlifts, just wondering if there are any other suggestions? I am a experienced lifter and do have development.

  • İyice bokunu çıkardı… onu yapma bunu yapma hassiktir lan ordan.. götünden element uyduruyosun.. sıçmakta yasak mı lan 🤣

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger the best bodybuilder of all time said that is one of the best workouts to use. He used flys and look where he got

  • I'm glad these all need to stay in the graveyard, I've hurt myself doing all of these and these hurt on every rep that I try full range of motion, thanks and it's be so long since I've worked out hard and doing research on starting over with a injured, wore out, and abused body

  • That's funny about the leg extensions placing a shear on the ACL. When I tore mine, the physical therapist had me doing lots of leg extensions and leg curls. I think she was wrong though. I ended up losing my ACL, and my PCL calcified. But, the other PT I went to later had me doing the same exercises.

  • I’m not sure how you got any thumbs down. This information is so beneficial and makes so much sense! No more leg extensions or DB flies for me!!! 🎉

  • This is funny.. I never do dumbell flys because I just dont feel any burn/pump in my chest at all & all it really does it stress my forearms. I never do leg extensions because I noticed they actually made my quads SMALLER/leaner and they do hurt the knees. I never do good mornings cause they hurt my damn back & neck. The other two are just worthless, never needed them.
    Additionally I also don't do squats cause they're really bad for your lower back. I love leg presses, hip thrusts, lunges, and a few others but not squats

  • WTF….I just learned good morning from my trainer……………………….But I haven't practice that yet.should I???
    Why am I pay money to learn this SH*T??????
    5 classes left……and I want to change my trainer,haven't seen her license too…………………………

  • You are such an insecure dweeb, nobody normal takes fitness this seriously. You were obviously a super skinny geek (ugly too) who got bullied relentlessly, so now you’re obsessed with fitness to “get back” at all those bullies. It’s also obvious you are supplementing testosterone. What a joke you are.

  • what you were saying about the dumbell chestflys means the same for cable cross overs? Is there an exercise you would recommend forthe inner chest?

  • Sorry but I disagree about leg extension. It’s a one isolated exercise for quadriceps! I’m doing leg extension for 7 years. And I never had a problem with my knees.

  • For sure do the exercise in Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff if you lift a lot – good shoulder stability = no injuries.

  • the good morning is a great exercise. just focus on sitting back into the lift, don't bend over with the bar or you will break your back.

  • As a past dancer, it's really easy to tell when an exercise will hurt you because it looks like a position you'd never be in for a performance. It's like an intuitive thing; if it looks wrong to me, its probably not good for my body.

  • Hi, can you please advise me about legs extensions. How many better exercise i/o leg extension.. Also give me advise about chest fly i/o which exercise we should follow.. Thanks

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