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hello every body my name is chase and
today I’m going to be talking to you about something that is major and
happening right now in the United States regarding LGBT individuals and
employment rights so this is something that is not being talked about enough
and I think that as people on the internet and understanding the people
that are in power right now in the United States it’s super important to
know what’s going on and to know what the rights are and to know what the
rights are going to be because things change all the time just to give you a
summary the Supreme Court is about to review three cases of employment
discrimination against LGBT individuals and they’re going to decide if gender
identity, transgender status, and sexual orientation are actually applicable in
these discrimination cases so you don’t know what the Supreme Court is it’s the
highest court in the United States and not every single trial that you see will
go through the Supreme Court it’s usually federal cases or states like
multiple state cases and they usually need to be approved and they’re usually
like a big deal so that’s just to give you a little example like it’s not just
like random little ones here and there there are big deal cases that go to the
Supreme Court so the Supreme Court is making this decision if gender identity,
transgender status, and sexual orientation are applicable in these
three cases all right and the three cases here I’m talking about two of them
are gay related and one of them is trans related if the Supreme Court rules
against being able to apply trans status gender identity and sexual orientation
in these cases this could mean a lot of bad things for the trans community and
something that we need to talk about and we need to understand so now I’m sure
you’re saying but chase it’s like 2019 we had Obama like aren’t
trans people protected hello listen I agree with you but someone else is in
power right now and really he doesn’t like trans people so there’s this thing
called the Civil Rights Act of 1964 it is a landmark legislation that prohibits
discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin this
Act also granted complete equal access to schools employment and public spaces
within this act there’s something called Title 7 now I feel like a lot of people
have kind of heard about Title 7 so let me just give you a brief explanation of
what it is so under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 title 7 prohibits
employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national
origin so the argument that’s happening right now is that they’re saying that
gender identity, trans status, and sexual orientation aren’t actually stated in
title seven that title seven really only talks about sex discrimination here’s
the thing though let me tell you that these three categories gender identity,
trans status, and sexual orientation are actually under the definition of what
sex is if you go to the website it is literally there it literally says gender
identity transgender status and sexual orientation the issue right now is that
some people are arguing to go back to the old definition of sex and not to
talk about gender identity or trans people or sexual orientation they want
to go back and read the text and interpret the text as it was written in
1964 instead of accounting for like 40 plus years of like activism and
evolution and like language changes and acceptance you know let’s all disregard
that and just go back to the original text the Trump administration wants to
go back to the old definition of what sex is and the thing is that in the past
this administration that says that they’re very Pro LGBTQ “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens” how can you be Pro LGBT and say that you are alright and then do
something like this which has literal malicious intent to talk like it’s
targeting trans people and people in the LGBTQ community it’s it’s there so it
wasn’t always this way okay things changed when this new administration
came in so I want to give you a little timeline of what has happened and how
the definition of sex started to include gender identity and sexual orientation
so when it was written sex meant male and female alright this is 1964 in 2012
the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee ruled that gender identity
does belong under title 7 and is protected under title 7 in 2014 the
Attorney General from the Department of Justice in the United States took a
similar stance and said yes absolutely gender identity, trans status, sexual
orientation this is protected under title 7 now obviously I’m telling you
these dates you can remember this is the time of Obama Obama is not perfect
however when we’re talking about rights like this
there are some good things that have come out of it in 2017 under the Trump
administration the new Attorney General issued a text and in this text they are
officially withdrawing from the position from the 2014 decision to protect gender
identity and sexual orientation under Title 7 let me just tell you about this
2014 text because I read it all it’s so cocky no joke there’s a sentence in
there that says “title 7 does not prohibit discrimination based on gender
identity….per se” listen I know what per se means but the way that it was written
in this article I was like it just read like a very very condescending article
because then he goes on to say this is law and not policy like very very like
angry almost at this listen man times have changed okay the Equal Employment
Opportunity Committee which is literally appointed by the United States
government and it is a huge influence in law and policy and they have literally
added gender identity and sexual orientation to the definition of sex and
yet you’re gonna disregard it why is the new administration on a warpath to
destroy all of the rights that trans people have acquired over the last years
first it was protection for trans kids in school that was taken away then of
course we’re talking about bathroom bills then the military band that
literally just happened about a month ago “the High Court is allowing president
Trump’s ban on transgender service members to serve in the military” if
you’re trans you’re literally not allowed to serve in the military
we went through this like years ago Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repelled trans
people were allowed… “we’re ending the ban on transgender Americans of the United States military” like why is this going backwards another big concern is health
care there’s huge concerns right now and this issue is way bigger than I could
explain in this video so I’m actually working on another video so please stay
tuned for that and now we’re talking about employment rights and like I said
the beginning of this video this could end pretty badly if the Supreme Court
decides hey gender identity doesn’t actually fit under the definition of sex
so we’re gonna try this case as it’s not related to gender identity everything
was so hopeful in the United States and I feel like the u.s. took 50 steps
forward with all these new legislations that were happening like I said not
everything was perfect however under this new administration it’s almost like
the US has now taken 4,000 steps and the amount of work it will take to
get back to that place is so hard and long however we can’t give up we need to
fight we need to keep doing this so what does this even mean for us
well people could potentially be losing their jobs if gender identity and let’s
say trans people are no longer protected under Title 7 then you are literally
opening the door for discrimination to happen against trans people and of
course other LGBT people in the community but I’m just gonna focus on
trans people right now this decision in court will literally legally decide if
it is legally okay to discriminate against a trans person I know it sounds
like I’m being dramatic and maybe I’m extending this way farther than it needs
to be but we need to talk about what’s happening and we need to talk about what
may happen and the consequences that will happen if that does one of the
cases is a trans woman who works at a funeral home announced that she was
going to be transitioning the boss the funeral home director fired her because
he said that he didn’t accept trans people a trans woman was literally fired
for being trans from somebody who’s extremely transphobic like that
literally happened and now it’s in the courts hands to decide is this actually
discrimination this is extremely dangerous and could absolutely harm the
community it could harm trans women especially trans women of color like we
need to take a stance we need to talk about this we need to open up the
conversation when you allow somebody to be othered and marginalized even further
you’re allowing for more discrimination to happen you see the person is less
than you and they’re inferior to you and you’re superior to them this feeds into
the harassment that the trans community goes through every single day it feeds
into trans people feeling outcasted it feeds into isolation and this ends up
leading to violence I’m so tired of things like this happening I do not want
us to lose more people in this community laws like this allow people who hate to
actually act on their hate and I’m not being dramatic this has happened before
maybe not to the trans community maybe to other communities but it is important
that we talk about if anyone has any information about this or wants to talk
about it let’s put it in the comments below let’s talk about this let’s have a
conversation let’s support each other and for people who aren’t trans and who
aren’t in the LGBTQ community this is a time for you to stand up for us we need
people on our side more than ever right now let me tell you that I’m actually
really sick of saying more than ever we need to
stick together like we absolutely do but the fact that I have to keep saying that
and we has a community have to keep saying that because things keep
happening and things are bad and things get worse like it is draining but these
laws will hurt people in the community in the LGBT community and this opens the
door to way more discrimination that could happen other things that could be
misinterpreted and let’s just go back to the old definition in 1964 which you
know was such a great time for everyone so let’s stand up for ourselves stand up
for people who are marginalized show your support and let’s be there for each
other thank you for watching this video below I will be putting links and phone
numbers of hotlines that people can contact to get support if they’re
feeling not good about what’s happening right now and let’s just stick together
and let’s absolutely hope that the Supreme Court makes the right decision
and actually goes with what the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee has
stated that gender identity transgender status and sexual orientation are
protected under the sex discrimination under Title 7 all right have a great day
I will see you later bye [Mellow Music[


  • I genuinely love that you talk about these sorts of issues because people need to know, as someone who lives in America I see daily just how oblivious people are to what's happening around them. What you do for the community is incredible, keep it up.

  • You teach me more about law than my school. I appreciate that! Thank you for informing me about these important topics sir! ❤️👌

  • This supreme Court case could be a really good thing for queer Americans!!!!! We aren't protected right now. This court case could give us rights. Please do better research!!!!!

    Please do more research before doing videos like this. Please maybe find an American with a background in civics. When cases like this go to the supreme Court it's a good thing because this is how gay marriage was legalized in the US. It wasn't because Obama was in power because Supreme Court Justices are not changed for each president. Only when 1 dies or steps down does a president get to change to nominate. And the supreme Court is a different Branch of government from the president.

    Even though on this website it says that this law at the federal level has never been applied to sexual orientation or gender identity. There have been cases in lower courts that conflict with each other that is why it's going to the supreme Court.

    In the majority of states it is legal to fire people for being gay or trans. This whole time. State to state, state's can individually have rights for LGBTQ+ people.

    The attorney general changing the policy for that doesn't affect all of trans people or queer people in the United States. Those policies only affect federal workers. Like it pretty much means nothing.

    We wait for cases to go to the supreme Court because this is how we have our rights established a lot of the time. The supreme Court has three different options with this case. They could either say that lgbtq Americans qualify under this act and we get new rights that we didn't have before. They could make none ruling on this case where they don't really establish any type of legal. Where they punt the case. Then we want to try to get another case to the court to have them rule on it. They also could make a ruling that we aren't covered under this law and create a legal precedent and then we're in the same place that we are right now. And then baton gets passed to Congress to pass legislation.

    Also please watch the movie Transmilitary because trans people were not included when they repealed don't ask don't tell. And trans people are currently allowed to serve in the military they just have to serve as their assigned gender at birth so it's pretty much a don't ask don't tell policy for Trans people at the moment in the military, they aren't kicking people out if they find out they're trans. My husband is FTM in the military.

  • Im a trans man, im tired of hearing people trying to make us less than a human, we have rights too, we need support more than ever people listen to this!

  • I’m a trans guy in the US and I just want to add something that you may cover in the next video

    I’ve been on Testosterone for over a year and a couple of months ago I was dropped off of my health insurance plan (government health insurance) as of two months ago I got a new insurance through my moms work as I’m still considered a dependent. On this new insurance I’ve been told they will not cover my doctor appointment cost because transgender care is not covered on this plan. They no longer will pay any amount towards my Testosterone and the only way I can seen my primary care physician (pcp) is if they code my appointments as a standard check up rather than treatment for a “gender identity disorder” ( my diagnosis)

  • As a nonbinary person, I believe sex refers to Male, female, and intersex, as in the genitals, chromosomes, and hormones you have. Gender refers to man, woman, nonbinary, agender, neutrois, bigender, third gender, genderfluid, etc. As in a part of how your brain operates and the way you feel.
    Of course I don't believe it's okay to discriminate against trans people, I think we deserve as much respect as anyone else and people should not have the right to legally discriminate against us.
    But the definition of sex should not include gender. They are two extremely separate things that have nothing to do with eachother.
    I think maybe we should be passing something completely different that talks about gender discrimination instead of sex discrimination.
    But in the end I suppose we should do whatever we have to do to protect our rights, even if we have to incorrectly define things.

  • Glad to see a video of substance from you.
    Your other content since the end of YSB has been great, and normally your content is an escape for me, a transman in the Deep South, but its getting harder and harder to watch your toy reviews when so much is changing for my end of the community.
    Glad to hear from you about this and I hope to hear more of your take on the healthcare system in the US regarding the gatekeeping US transfolx have to go through.

    Its hard being told you can't do a job bc you will "confuse the customers" when you pass with the interviewer 100% until they read your deadname on your application.
    Its hard to go pay rent with my new facial hair and deeper voice bc the elderly lady I rent from is getting suspicious.
    Its hard to change your name when you have to buy an advert in the local paper for a month before your court date stating your deadname, proper name, address and why you are changing it. Its equally hard to go to court after running that advert and the judge denying your name change anyway because "it would be misleading to those who met you and expected a man".

    Shit is rough down here and its nice to hear from Northern family on this.

  • trump does not deserve to be president it is empty glade snake that comes with false promises and speaks with bubble tongue i hate him i never liked him

  • I just came out to my family recently and I am trying to start my transition but if this happens I will never live as who I want to be. STAND UP AND SAVE OUR RIGHTS!✊

  • The probably bigger issue there currently though is not Trump but Kavanaugh. If you don't know whom I'm talking about or why I mention him, please look it up. He got into Supreme Court after a sexual assault case which was extremely poorly handled. And well, he has the say in this, not Trump. You can say he's a marionette of Trump, which might not be far stretched, but not mentioning the role of Kavanaugh in all this is only telling half the truth.

    Corrently there only seems to be the saying: Hope dies last. :/

  • I grew up in SC…I've been living in NC since I was 20 (I'm now 40)…Earlier in life I identified as a butch lesbian & constantly was mistaken for a man (which was fine). I started my transition last year….I have been dealing with job discrimination, as well as medical discrimination, for over half my life…I have been turned down for more jobs than most of you will have in your lifetime & I have avoided going to the Dr or dentist unless absolutely necessary bc they treat me like shit…In 20 years, the only Dr to ever treat me with respect was my T Dr. And that's fucking sad. I hope that in my lifetime, I will get to see this horrible shit become nonexistent…No one should have to live in fear of going to a medical professional, people who take an oath to "First, do no harm". Turning away people who want to work or refusing to promote ppl who deserve it bc of their identity, or any other reason, is bs. Thank you Chase for discussing these things. We have to fight, we have to stand together & stay strong.

  • This is still heartbreaking to hear. My s/o and I have both been negatively affected by this. We’ve seen a lot of people denying that this is happening, or trying to use their (harmful) opinions to justify this. Trans rights are human rights, trans individuals deserve the same freedoms and protections as everyone else

  • He said he would protect us "…from dangerous foreign ideologies…". He never meant shit. He also did the whole trans military ban.

  • Already, the trump administration has directed the medical community to allow Drs to deny treatment to lgbtq people if they have a "moral objection"

  • This may be a incorrect assumption so please I'd love to hear opinions, I'm a cis woman so I don't experience things like this,but from what I see it seems trans women are targeted a lot more than trans men. And are also in direct danger a lot more, is this the case?Or is it because a lot of people when they think of transgender people think MTF? I know before I needed to research for a child in my care, I'd thought transgender was MTF yes I realize now how uneducated and ignorant I was , but I wonder how many are in the same boat.

  • As a trans guy I’m so grateful to be in the UK. I can only hope the next POTUS will undo all Trump had done, and in the meantime our LGBT+ family in the US stay strong. We’re with you x

  • really sad how a funeral home director doesn't accept trans women when they're the ones with the highest death rates in the lgbt community. kinda makes you wonder how properly the bodies of dead trans women are handled.

  • It's not just in the states. I was told I am not allowed to use my chosen name and gender designation to get a job in Ontario Canada! Their words were "by law you must be identified by your legal name and gender." I highly doubt they are right because I have read elsewhere it is legal to use my preferred identity However everywhere in the town I live in refuse to recognize it unless legally changed.

    It's sad that we are being forced I to what their definition of "normal" is and there is no such thing as normal.

  • Scary stuff not gonna lie. I don’t want Trump in office but I also really really don’t want the VP mike pence in office either. He’s a very hardcore republican. Living in Texas it’s already hard to get a job. Honestly rooting for Beto.

  • So true. I was a Behavior Therapist and a volunteer EMT, and I am a transgender man. Not only am I trans, but I am disabled, legally blind since birth. I recently lost all jobs, and have 89cents to my name with rent and bills already due. If I can't get a job within the next few days because of the pay gap (2 paychecks per month, on the 10th and 25th of each month.) I WILL become homeless again. And I am terrified. Like, do you think I chose to be trans? Or disabled? I'm still human, I STILL have rent to pay. And I'm terrified. Thanks for uploading, my dude. Appreciate you speaking up.

  • Watch my YouTube videos for the truth about lgbt politics and the corruption of the left wing media. Lgbt does not mean liberal democrat. Think freely!

  • I live in the south and I know soooo many of my friends and co workers that have been fired for being “not strait” it’s actually a pretty normal thing where I’m from

  • Thank you for this video…. I’m not sure what we can do about a case that makes it to the Supreme Court… but we can call our congress or senators to recommend that bills hurting us don’t go through. And if you are over 18 start your research NOW for the 2020 election…. just don’t vote for the ones that “say” they will help us …. clearly that didn’t go so well… but know who and why you are voting for the person you choose!!!!! One more thing ….. check out the history of WW2 what was going on with the Minority groups in that era and not just the Jews either….. this sounds a lot like what was happening then!

  • Hi! Future queer law student here. It's things like this that make me want to go to law school – so I can get the tools to advocate for the legal rights of LGBTQ+ folks.
    Some thoughts I have on this:
    -The makeup of the SC is obviously tilted solidly in the conservative direction so that's worrying, but also maybe there is hope to be found in Roberts as a swing vote
    -State level advocacy is super important here in terms of getting protective laws on the books in states which don't already have them – we can't forget other avenues of change. The Court is in it for the long haul, it's slow as an institution. A ruling against queer people would be absolutely devastating, but I don't know how we can influence that right now except that once in a while public opinion/outrage is strong enough to influence how the Court votes.
    -I am wondering where our focus is best directed right now. Because yes we need to educate people about the implications of this, but what are our other options until we get a ruling in November or so?
    -I'm trying to be hopeful. The Court granted review because the lower courts are in disagreement over these cases. I want to believe that it sees the importance of these issues. I've read some stuff about how much deliberation, more than usual, went into deciding to take up these cases and maybe there is cause for hope.
    -As I learn more about the Court and its history and how it decides what tests to apply to particular cases, the more perplexed I am and fascinated I am. Perhaps it would be worth looking into how the Court has defined sex discrimination in other cases and what the Court looked like when it made those decisions (like Price v. Waterhouse) to get an idea of what it might do now.
    -And a plea: RBG please hold on we desperately need you.

  • Watching the US under Trump's rule from an outside point of view is like witnessing the rise of a second Nazi Germany. I feel like I'm sitting in history class again where they told us to watch out for the early signs in order to never let this happen ever again. And there are so many signs (or proof rather) that the direction the US is headed to is SO wrong but those in power don't care and those who care don't have power. It's so fucked up

  • "First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

         Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
         Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
         Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

  • Laws like this actually propagate suicide, but also show which companies SUPPORT LGBTQ+ communities like Target 🙂 I can't get a job for anything because of my disabilities, but also can't get disability. I'm in the horrid "grey area" and it SUCKS. I NEVER applied for disability because of my trans status, but it's been YEARS I've been trying to get on disability for completely unrelated heath issues, and I'm 80% sure it's because "transgender" shows up in my medical records! I have arthritis, connective tissue disease, myofacial pain and fibromyalgia. If a "straight" person used just ONE of those, it would be IMMEDIATE qualification, but I've been fighting for almost 9 years now, and it's sickening. I've been living off of government assistance that's barely holding on for funding, and food stamps which are almost gone (depleting the resources each year by about $3/per year, was at $203, now down to $192/year) and they keep cutting more and more out of the help I can receive, while some of my straight friends got approved YEARS before I ever did! I hate being here, dealing with this, in the state we are today in the US under the "dictatorship/ruler/president" we have today. I feel emotionally CRUSHED every time I call anyone who was set up to help me get anywhere in this messed up "UNITED" states. I wouldn't be surprised if I get flagged and never get any benefits for this comment in your video at this point. It's HELL here. Thank you Chase for even showing your recognition of what's going on here in the US. BIG HUGS OF GRATITUDE

  • i get what ur trying to do here but dont make vids abt US politics because you only have a literal understanding of the supreme court

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: Trump is terrible for anyone who isn't a rich cis-het white elderly man.

  • Thank you Chase. It's infuriating. Anyone here from the US-call your reps and senators. Or even send an email telling them how these things affect your life. The Equality Act has support in the House, but the Senate will be a challenge. Check your local governments also. Many states are working on their own Equality/Fairness acts. In Ohio we don't have any movement on the Ohio Fairness Act because republicans are running everything-but many ohio cities are instituting their own fairness/equality acts. Enough so that now 1 county has enacted a county wide one-with a couple others possibly now following in their foot steps. If you can donate to organizations at any level working to bring about change-donate, if you can't-maybe see how you can volunteer.

  • That’s ridiculous basing it at a year that has completely been modified based on modern affairs by the millennium. When it comes to the military ban they clearly forget the American spies who were transgender who sacrificed their lives to provide the United States government valuable information to win wars.

  • Im really not kidding this is scary. It's terrifying that trans phobic people will legally be able to act on their hate if this law doesn't go through

  • Another thing going on in the us is they are starting a bill for doctors to refuse any type of treatment to LGBTQ+ individuals.

  • Im just hesitating between getting angry or cry regarding this shit… I'm a cis woman and can't take your place to understand, but i've been doing research, watching videos and learning a lot about trans community and I can't accept what's going on…
    I'm with you sweets ! those cases are just horrible ….

  • Just today while job hunting I found out that a cafe here in town won’t hire trans or gay workers. Since it’s run by a church they can get away with this bull 😡 AND I LIVE IN ILLINOIS IN A MAJOR CITY

  • Yes, 1964 was a great time for everyone… when "everyone" meant able-bodied cishet white middle-class men.

  • It already sucks so much here in Texas where I live and was hoping to move to a better state (that has protections for trans people like me) once I'm on my feet but now it's so sad that even if I do move it could all just be the same everywhere

  • Thankfully there are some states in the US that have their own laws protecting the rights of transgender people even if we aren't protected under Federal law. Unfortunately, most US states have no such law.

  • ok so no one will care but i always that i was stright but ive met the love of my life and ive realized im gay hes trans and were about to have enough money so he can have surgery but my family wont have it they want kids and im getting really stressed out can anyone give me some advice

  • For non-US citizens or anyone else who may be confused why this Court decision is a big deal, let me break it down. The Supreme Court's decisions can become new laws even if the ruling "goes against" a previous law or if there was no prior precedence. For example, if the Supreme Court ruled that rainbow bunnies are unconstitutional and should all be exiled, it would become law because that would become the US's official stance on rainbow bunnies. It's extremely difficult to undo a law made this way, even with the involvement of other branches of government. Best case scenario is if the ruling is challenged with similar case later on when new Supreme Judges are appointed. And that can take, you know, 50 years. US government is so messed up. 😑

  • As a transman from the US I am absolutely terrified. I've struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life and it wasn't until 2015 (I was 23) I realized it stemmed from the fact that I am trans. I began my transition in 2016 and when Trump took office I stoped because I knew that horrible things were about to happen. Surprise, surprise, my depression came back HARD and I had to quit my job because I just couldn't handle anything. I lasted about a year until I had to start hormones again for the sake sake of staying alive. But with the trans ban and now this, and the potential of medicaid (which I am on because of low income) not covering trans related medical bills, I stopped again. I'm glad you are talking about this because it seems like not many people are. And this is something that can ruin SO MANY people's lives. Its heartbreaking and I am ashamed and terrified to be a part of this country. What a coincidence that this video was posted on my 27th birthday… I'm 27 years old and still haven't been able to live my life as who I am.

  • Personally I am a trans man (not fully transitioned), ever since I was little Ive wanted to serve in the military, everyone in my family has, so I felt like it was the right choose, but because trans people aren’t aloud to serve in the military of of currently this means that I have to throw away my passion. That in itself hurt me but what hurts me more is that there is even the slightest possibility that when I’m old enough to either apply for a job or get one I’m not protected, not safe from the discrimination trans people before me fought so hard for. This is not okay and it needs to change.

  • People get so mad about trans sex workers but at this point a lot of people have no choice

  • I like when you make these types of videos. I'm looking forward to the next one you said you were working on. <3

  • Dude. Arielle Scarcella and Storm Ryan made a video on 'why some trans people regret transitioning' bc ofc arielle is the best person to talk about this. The caption on the video says 'young people are GIVING themselves dysphoria'
    what's the tea bro

  • I am so scared to be living here. Things are getting worse, things are always scary, things are always moving backwards. I try to look on the positive side of things but it's getting so hard under this administration. I'm a NB gay person and I'm so freaking scared.

  • Chase thank you so very much for speaking out and bringing awareness to these issues. I can not stand Trump! I am so livid that people voted for him! Chase I am not Transgender and I support my LGBT community! I will stand up and support my LGBT community!!!! So I am ready to stand up and use my voice you have my support 100 Percent!!!!

  • I have personally been discriminated in the work space, my boss was insanely transphobic, however I was not fired. I ended up quitting my job because I was afraid to work with said boss, I was afraid that they would try to fire me. And once I quit I was afraid of it happening again. With these cases it is extremely important, because if those in the lgbt community cannot find work or work in an environment where it is not safe for them it can lead to major issues. Unemployment, lives lost, mental health issues and so much more.
    Personally I am afraid, not even for myself anymore, for everyone else in the community. It’s laws like these that really cause an impact on our lives and there needs to be a change, this needs to be talked about.
    Thank you Chase for openly talking about this and giving information to everyone.

  • I live in Mississippi, which is already not a very supportive and accepting state towards LGBTQ people. I’m deathly afraid of what will happen to me here if this actually passes. I’m terrified.

  • FTM is a MAN✓. MTF is a WOMAN✓. The ONLY Difference is "THE TRANSITION".
    . . End Of Story!!!
    . . >
    Anyone who has (issues) with this it's a lot of THEIR OWN PROBLEM!!

  • I'm a trans person about to medically transition and this is pretty bad. I'm aiming to go into the medical field because I want to help people who are way more in need than I am. I am privileged to be able-bodied and want to contribute positively to society by directly aiding those in need. To think that a hospital wouldn't hire me because of my trans status? That's not only discrimination–but it's taking away resources that people with disabilities need by not hiring employees–and the medical field is ALWAYS hiring. There is never a shortage of fresh bodies working in healthcare.

  • And what about those of us who are still searching our gender identity? What will happen to us? People just can't pick a gender for us, that's wrong, but I still can't figure out why I can't figure it out so… FML

  • So this could effect me from getting a fucking job in the states when I’m older btw I’m Canadian and I’m in Canada rn but I always dreamed of moving to the us but since this shit has been happening I don’t know what to do

  • Those attributes are NOT "classes" as defined in Title 7, they are ALL a choice. How about do your fucking job, dress appropriately, and be at work for work and not socialization or pushing some bullshit agenda. Do none of you believe in science. There is ZERO science of any validity that says trans is anything more than gender dysphoria. And as a mortherfucking vet myself, trans has NO place in the military…EVER. If you think it does, join and talk to me in 4 years. The military as a set of EXPECTED morals and values that you MUST do 24 hours a day 365 per year…NO SHIT. I have busted Soldiers for saggin their pants while in their civilian clothes as well as busting flamboyant Soldiers acting like fucking fools in uniform. As for the DADT being removed, I disagree, BUTTTTT I do not think that gay Soldiers should have EVER been kicked out, they should have just been talked to to keep their personal life personal. Maybe at most a company or field grade article 15. The military is not for everyone and that is why we kicked so many fatties and shitbags out, plus we expect the best to be our brothers and sisters. And YES, I did have several gay Soldier friends in the Army even before DADT was removed and I didn't care less so long as they did their job to the best of their ability.

  • I just saw this now and was like WUT?!?! Rly this is happening? Why America… we need lessons from Canada.

  • Let me start by saying this. People need to be seen as people no matter what their color is, sex, gender identity, religion and all of the other things people separate themselves from others with and hate others for. All people are people and we need to stop separating ourselves with labels. If there were no labels and people were just people and all people deserve kindness and compassion, nobody would have to worry about this. There's a better world in those ideas. Try to spread those and try to practice it as well. We CAN make a difference if we try. As far as the government is concerned, it is failing in many ways. It's failing to protect the people. We need to make it FOR the people again like it was intended since the Declaration of Independence. So the system needs to change. This is bigger than just the LGBTQ community. There are other issues that need that better world to address them as well. We CAN make a difference and it all starts with that line of the Michael Jackson song, "Man in the Mirror". I don't know what will happen with the Supreme Court but I am wondering why they haven't impeached that bastard yet. Last I heard they were trying.

  • if this happens whats next ? Im a transwoman and Im already really nervious about this what will they go after next ? try and make it illegal to be trans ? arrest us and call us sex offenders ? that a scary thought and thanks to this adminstration I now constantly fear what the next attack will be.

    they have gone after public restrooms locker roams, children, healthcare, sports and athletic participation, and now employment, the only thing next is housing, legality and then citizenship.

  • Thank you for staying abreast of what is going on in our country, and for standing beside us as we fight for, what should be, basic human rights. Cheers from Lynchburg, Virginia, US. 👊🏼

  • Literally everyone I am surrounded by, including neighboring towns, is very pro Trump. I'm normally open about me being trans but with this happening, I've noticed a lot more hate towards trans people here. Like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and they don't have to be worried about their actions/words towards us. It's scary how open everyone is now with their disgust towards us. Like it's normalized within days. I'm terrified to even talk about my own life here because I'm worried my safety might be at risk. My boss already seemed to not like me, I really hope she isn't transphobic. I'm a single parent. I can't afford to lose the job I have now. I can't even get a second job, no one will call me past the interview once they find out my birthname and realize I'm trans…

  • "It's almost like the US has now taken 4,000 steps back"

    Nah, the US tripped and fell backwards into a ditch

  • Living in Louisiana, I am very lucky to be working at a great company that actually supports LGBTQ+ rights. Because without that company, I would be risking my livelihood and literally everything I have worked so damn hard for in my transition. But I am lucky. There are a few major employers that would outright fire me for daring to transition (in fact, there was one company that I was looking at working at stated in their website that they offer protections for LGB only- gods, I hope it's changed). There are even more that will trot out token 'policies' and proceed to not enforce them and invite hostile work places.

  • This is honestly one of the main reasons I've put off getting my first job. I've done odd jobs and physical labor shit but never actually worked a stable job due to the horror stories I've heard happen. Especially being fired for being trans or someone having a problem with that because that would go on my permanent record as to why I was fired opening the door to other jobs to follow in their footsteps. Goddamn America dude I might as well move to Canada

  • Yeah the United states has become a disgusting disaster..the pos new administration..not my president…has made it ok to hate…he locks babies in cages, ban peoples identity and who they can love and pushes for evil. I dont think I am exaggerating…we have rapists sitting on the supreme court and hes trying to ban women's reproductive rights but.apparently that's all fine and dandy as long as the president can sit and watch fox news and tweet like a maniac….I hate being in the us! I pray for impeachment! Thanks for keeping the conversation going, chase! We ne ed d to stand up to these injustices!!….sorry for the rant!

  • Trump is an asshole. Those who voted for him are supporting nothing but lies. I watch a lot. Of trans people. I also am s huge fan of Blaire white , a trans YouTuber , voted for him. Why is beyond me. That being said these laws are horrible! I'm not a part of the community, but that doesn't mean I can't agree with this video.

  • I think what bothers me that people are still living in like the 90s saying that being trans is bad blah blah blah or being gay is lesbian is against gods will, you cant say that "god" gave us the right to love who ever because why would we be able to love at all, and trump is just an asshole i don't know why people still thinks it's ok that we literally have a racist and dosent LGBTQ as a president, but guess what?? People are stupid saying that oh yeah he'll do what ever he wants because he is the present..

  • So what happens to the nonbinary individuals that don't want the "label"of a gender? When an application ask for a sex, then they will say that we are being insensitive, and forcing them to choose a gender. I'm confuse?

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