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@TxRRC: Supporting Veterans through Employment

(Music) (David Olson) Today we’re celebrating “Hiring Red, White & You,” an annual job fair for veterans. We host this event in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas
Veterans Commission, it introduce the men and women leaving military service to
employer opportunities here in Austin. (Lowell Keig) It’s really important that we honor our
veterans for their service by putting them together especially with these
events with with great employers who are looking for vets to hire. (Joe Beach) We have three
IT manager positions open right now. Our presence here is our way at the Railroad
Commission of recognizing the sacrifices and commitment and duty and service that
our veterans have given so that we can say, we appreciate that, and it’s directly
relevant experience to a number of positions we have open currently as well
as we will have coming open in the next few months. (Music)

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