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Tyler and Camille used VA employment benefits to start a new phase of their life in California.

[MUSIC]>>TEXT: Tyler & Camille, Navy
Veterans, Explore VA, Employment Services>>TYLER: I’m Tyler and I served
in the Navy as a Russian linguist for six years.>>CAMILLE: I’m Camille, and I
also served in the Navy as a Russian linguist for six years.>>TYLER: We met in the Navy, and
we’ve been married for five years. We have a 4-year-old
daughter and a 1-year-old son.>>CAMILLE: You have Chapter 31,
which is voc rehab. And they’ll go through extensive
training if you have an employment handicap, or if you
have a disability which requires you to be retrained. But in the
beginning, the first thing they do is they give you some testing
to see where you’re at, to find out what you need to be
successful. That particular testing is Chapter 36.>>TYLER: It’s not just testing.
I also spoke extensively with the guy, his name was George,
who was helping us out. He put together a full report.
Not only on hard facts of “you are good at this, you’re
not good at that,” but also took things into account like job
market, where we plan on relocating, my medical history,
and things that I need to be paying attention to as I get
older. So it’s a really comprehensive program.>>CAMILLE: It’s not just about
an interest test or an abilities test. They look at your
interests, they look at your aptitudes, they look at your
work values. And they look at if you have any medical limitations
or any other caveats that you would need to consider when
choosing a profession. And he takes all of this
information and compares it against each other to come up
with a job field that would be a good fit for you.>>TYLER: But he also went as far
as looking into schooling. He was looking at different
schools and different curriculums, and kind of had a
good sense of where they kind of fit on a scale of the school
that could be better for you. So I did definitely come out
with more than just confirmation there.>>CAMILLE: The main goal of this
is to get you gainfully employed. So whatever, I would
say, whatever it takes to get you there, they’re going to
support you every step of the way.>>TYLER: We’re very excited to
be moving forward. We have plans to move out to the San Francisco
area, and Chapter 36 was the starting point for that.>>CAMILLE: And we’re really
grateful for the benefits from the VA in starting this next
phase in our life to have a lot of benefits that are going to
help us. And for Tyler, it’s education, and for me, it’s
employment assistance with Chapter 31. So it’s a variety
that’s going to help us in a number of ways.>>TEXT: Don’t miss out on
benefits you may have earned.

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