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U.S. Air Force Career-Enlisted Aviators—Earn your Wings

I did not know that I did not have to be
a pilot to fly in the Air Force. I thought it was just like the pilot their
Co pilots and navigators but thankfully I was wrong. Being a career enlisted
aviator gives you a slew of opportunities. I’m an airborne mission
system specialist. I’m an airborne ISR operator. I am an Air Force Loadmaster.
I’m an E3 AWACS flight engineer. I’m a special missions aviator. I’m an
in-flight refuelling specialist. I’m a sensor operator on the remotely piloted
aircraft, and I’m a flight attendant United States Air Force. There are some
planes that only have pilots but the majority of the planes in the air force
are crews so it can be everyone from a loadmaster
to those of us that work on mission aircraft our intelligence collectors, to
electronic warfare proof, to navigators, to flight attendants, we’re all working
as a crew. So the Air Force needs in-flight refueling in order to extend
how long other aircraft can remain on station keeping them aloft to get them
from point A to point B without having to land and refuel. The thing I love most
about rescue is the fact that I think it’s the most noble mission out there
when you bring back someone to the from the battlefield that’s been injured and
bring them back safely and get them home to their family their loved ones. So
there is a lot of responsibility placed on the flight engineer. You are actually
a human computer because everybody expects the flight engineer to know
everything about the aircraft we are the eyes of sky that are providing
tactically relevant information to the operators on the ground keeping them
safe letting them know who’s out there who’s watching them what’s going on. The
c-17 I’ve loaded anything from personnel to jumped out the back, tanks and helicopters, humvees and wraps almost any sort of vehicle you can load in here. The main
mission of the e4b is to provide a survivable mobile command center in the
sky flying on board such a unique weapon system is definitely a big point of
pride for me. My favorite part about being a flight attendant is traveling
the world and serving some of the most important people of the United States
government some of the people we can serve would be the Secretary of Defense
the Vice President or other distinguished visitors. Flying is why I
joined the Air Force I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it it’s the reason why
I wake up and put the uniform on it’s a best seat in the house basically it’s a
front-row seat to see everything the reason I became a flight engineer is
because I didn’t want to just work on the house of the airframe I wanted to
fly in it and that’s why my plane right there. When I get to look back on my
flying days in the Air Force when I’m old and gray will definitely be very
fond memories I feel like I have the best job in United States Air Force.

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  • When will the AirForce post a video about TACP, Combat Controller, Security Forces & age requirement/age limit to join the Air Force

  • Communication! Networking! Team Effort! They don’t fly themselves! It’s really a people helping people. With Very Specific rules! A sense of Honor and Duty is always around you! Don’t disappoint! Tell us what’s on your mind? It’s important! Don’t really get that in the civilian world. Everyone living in bubbles! To Karen! If your out there! And so it goes! Nick Lowe. A song she planted in my head! 1980’s.

  • Wait, we don't have to be a pilot? I see my Air Force recruiter this coming Monday and I'm excited about all the stuff I could do. 💗

  • I'm Looking Forward To The Development Of The Most Advanced Combat Pilots.My Daughter And My Nephew.Best Wishes To Those Who Serve

  • I’m enlisting into the af as tactical aircraft maintenance, any advice about the job would be so much appreciated. What are the stresses that makes this job so hard, and work environment?

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