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UA Job Shadow Program (1:48)

[upbeat music] Job Shadow program is a one-day
experience where students can shadow a professional in the field of interest
it’s for any and all UA students and for anyone with burning questions about
their career. Here’s what you need to know. VO: It’s free. It’s easy to apply. It
happens over breaks: winter spring and summer. VO: Choose an opportunity where
you’re going to be: from Arizona to Washington to Florida and everywhere in
between. All you need is four to eight hours that
will give you firsthand experience and answer any career questions you might
have. So isn’t it worth your time? I ended up learning that I was okay working with
kids, which was surprising because before this, I had no interest in working with
kids. If I hadn’t done the Job Shadow program, I wouldn’t have known how much information you actually have to know an architect and how wide the field really ranges. I’m a Chinese student., We, traditionally we didn’t really have that much guidance or even habits to network, like American people does. Maybe open the window for us to understand how these kind of things operate. I think if hadn’t done the Job Shadow, I’d still be in a major that wasn’t right for me. I might have figured it out later, down the road, but Job Shadow give me a head start on getting me down the right path Yes I would recommend it to everybody because it’s free and it’s a low risk environment for you to figure out what your interests are and what position or fields you want to be in. So whether you’re a hundred percent sure, 50 percent uncertain or completely in the dark when
it comes to your career, take one day to get the answers that you need. [upbeat music]

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