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UA: The College of Health Professions

– Working in the health care field does not pigeon hole you to any one job. (gentle music) – Thank you for learning more about the University of Akron’s
College of Health Professions. We have seven different schools with associate, bachelors,
masters, and doctoral degrees. Ranging from physical health
to life style development. And social and psychological wellness. – [Nathan] I liked
being able to experience what it’s like on a hospital floor. – I’ve really like how it’s so diverse. You can work with kids. You can work with adults. – You have so many opportunities to work in so many different fields of work. – I’m able to switch gears and do something completely
different within the same field. (gentle piano music) – We train our students using an interprofessional perspective. Through competency based
knowledge and skill training, and state of the art facilities. Like our nutrition center. Our audiology and speech center. The clinic for individual
and family counseling. And physiology and motor behavior labs. – [Elizabeth] The
instructors are wonderful. They have an open door policy. – They care about my success. – There were times when I
would struggle in school, but I knew this professor who
would actually listen to me. – The first moment I stepped on campus, I loved how it felt. – [DeSaun] I loved how it was welcoming. – I feel like I’ve really
been able to develop a really good relationship with everyone. – And having those shared experiences really helped develop
a sense of community. – [DeSaun] I really feel like I’m at home, in a sense. (soothing music) – [Elizabeth] It’s such an amazing field because you’re able to
help people everyday. – I feel that I’ve had a
really unique opportunity to show those people comfort. That is, I would say a
priceless experience. – I feel like I’m very prepared. – I have gained a considerable
amount of confidence throughout the three years of the program. – If you want to pursue a career
in the health professions, come to the University of Akron.

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