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UBC Faculty of Education 2019

(mellow music) – [Narrator] If you thought you knew UBC’s Faculty of Education, you might have to look again. We are consistently ranked as a leading, research-intensive
education faculty in Canada and the world. Our work takes place on
indigenous lands throughout BC, with our Vancouver campus
located on Musqueam territory, and our Okanagan campus
located on the territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation. With more than 200 full-time
faculty and 4,000 students working with countless partners worldwide, our research plays a
critical role in education locally, nationally, and internationally. We challenge barriers to
educational access and success, and promote understanding
of teaching and learning and diverse cultures, and their role in sustaining
socially-just societies. Our long-standing Indigenous
Teacher Education Program prepares educators and leaders to serve and strengthen their communities. Our new Global Center for Education promotes interconnectedness within the UBC research community and with partners around the world. Our research and programs
address myriad topics from mental health literacy
to rural education, to drama counseling, to gender and sexuality
inclusive education, to early childhood education. So take another look at our Faculty. There you’ll find the true
measure of our success, our commitment to educate,
equip, and empower our graduates in the hope and expectation that they in turn will do the same for their students,
communities, and beyond. (mellow music)

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