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(gentle music) – The reason that I took on the challenge of hiring people with a disability because if no one has a crack, you’ll never know whether it’s gonna work or not. It’s okay to try something and fail. You get up and you dust yourself off and you have another go, but if no one ever tries, we’ll never get to where we are now. – I sent a lot of job applications off and got a couple of nice thank you, but no thank you letters, but most of the time, never
heard anything at all. – We started just a little
over three years ago. We had no staff and no sites, and pretty much didn’t know what being an LAC was ’cause it was a new idea. We now have some 400 staff,
we have 20,000 customers. We’re regarded by the NDIA as a lead LAC provider in Australia. We’ve recently achieved
ISO 9001 Accreditation. We also set about and
achieved last year in October, Rainbow Tick accreditation,
where it’s recognising our contribution to people LGBTI, which has been a core part of
our strategy of diversity. A huge part of our success is because at the core was this idea of a fair go. People in our organisation reflecting people in our community, and there’s no way in the
world by having these targets and this diversity, this commitment that somehow that held us back. In fact, that’s actually why
we were able to achieve it. – I think that people with a disability, which it’s a very sad statement, but a lot of people with a disability feel privileged to work. And so they put a lot more effort into it, which they shouldn’t because
they have a job for a reason. Because they’re very, very
capable of doing that job. It may look different or
sound a little bit different, but they can do that job. They’re much more open to
learning and to hearing and to feedback, they’re much more reliable. – At Uniting, language is
important because it recognises that the person comes first, before any disability, anything else. – They’re a person with a disability. They’re not a disabled person. If anyone tells me they’ve
got a disabled toilet, I tell them go get a plumber. You’ve got an accessible toilet. A disabled parking spot? Well why? What’s wrong with it? There’s nothing wrong with it. That’s an accessible parking spot. And it’s just about
learning that language. And it’s okay. It’s okay to correct people
because nine times out of ten they don’t understand
what they’re saying until you explain it to them. – It’s important to be
open-minded and ask questions ’cause if you don’t ask, you don’t know. And if you don’t know, you
miss out on an opportunity to employ someone that
could be very capable of doing the job, but just needs a few little adjustments made. – Uniting focuses on peoples abilities and what they bring to the role versus what they can’t bring to the role. – There’s very few businesses
that would not be selling to the 18% of Australians who are persons with disability. So if you want the best chance
of growing your market share, if you want the best chance to
be relating to your consumers in those markets, then
you will employ people in your organisation
that best reflect that. Whether they’re the frontline
selling, whether marketing or back office or whatever else, it will inform your business. You will grow your business. But also, you’ll create an
environment which is safer and more reflective and
a better place to work by understanding that
your community reflecting that wider marketplace. – Just because someone has
a disability doesn’t mean we should hire them. There’s still people
that can’t do that role, and that’s okay. – I don’t see why a company would exclude someone who has a disability because you could have a disability, but you could be an amazing employee. And Uniting has shown
that and has proven that we have got some amazing
employees who have a disability, whether you can see it or not. – For those people that
didn’t get back to me when I sent in my resume,
I feel you missed out. You missed out on me. So many times in resumes,
I see we want team players, someone punctual, someone
hardworking, and that’s me. Someone loyal, someone who once they know what they have to do, they do it well. – Uniting, we’ve got lots
of advantages to hire people with disability, you know, we’re in the perfect sector for it. I think if you’re in a sector
that it’s not the norm, try and make it the norm. – It’s a very, very simple idea. You can do it. But as I said, it’s a three step program. Righto, you come up with a
strategy, you set the targets, and then you make sure you do it. It’s actually that simple. And if you do it, there’ll
be a good result for you, there’ll be a good result for your people, and there’ll be an
astoundingly good result for your organisation. – What matters is we all
have things to contribute and things to bring. We all have our own individual skills, and if everyone’s included,
then we’re more likely to get the job done and come
up with more imaginative ways to get it done. (gentle music)

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