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Updated Skilled Occupation Lists 2018

I’m here to talk to you about
the changes to the temporary skilled program namely the 457 visa
As you know, it’s been in the news quite a bit in the last 12 months and there has
been further changes on the 17th of January that have occurred to the
occupation lists unfortunately the occupations
building associate and hair or beauty salon manager have both been removed so
any applicants or applications lodged on or after the 17th of January
unfortunately are not going to be considered and will have to be withdrawn
or will be invalid because you won’t be able to lodge with that application
Good news, any applications that are in the pipeline that were lodged prior to the
17th of January that haven’t been decided for any occupations that have
got caveats or been removed will continue to be assessed under the
previous legislation so there won’t be any changes to those are in the pipeline there’s been a couple of occupations
that have been added back onto lists and that’s the horse breeder as
well as management consultant it does come with caveats similar to occupations
that recruitment consultant remain on the list but with caveats such as having
to have a minimum base salary now of $90,000 there is accommodation manager
not elsewhere classified that also remains on the list but the caveat is
that it can only be located in a regional area so whilst some occupations
have remained and if you have moved around you need to look
at them closely because they do have additional criteria that needs to be met
but once again not affecting any people that are already on their 457
or who have lodged a 457 in those occupations that is not yet
decided but being lodged prior to the 17th of January so all these
legislative changes came in on the 17th of January there’s going to be further
changes in March as we all know because the end of February the 457 visa as we
know is actually going to cease and it’s going to be replaced by the TSS program
which is the temporary sponsored skilled visa stream and that will come with very similar occupation list that we have now but a few more changes as
far as employer requirements such as the requirement for mandatory labor market
testing for all occupations as well as training levies that are going to be
imposed on all employers sponsoring but we will probably find a lot more out when
we get closer to March and naturally we’ll keep you updated with all those
changes. there’s also been a change to people applying for direct
entry employer nomination scheme this is for people that are already on a 457
or possibly not on a 457 but are seeking to gain permanent residency
through their employer now this is still possible if your occupation is on the
medium to long term skill shortage list but unfortunately as of the 17th of
January if you haven’t lodged an application for direct entry and your
occupation is on the short term skilled list you’re not going
to be able to apply sadly for permanent residency so whilst you know back last year they changed the the two lists and they said there was no further
permanent residency pathway for those in an occupation on the short-term skilled
list through the temporary transition stream there was still an ability to be
able to apply through direct entry if you met to all the criteria and
unfortunately as of the 17th of January that has changed and now if your
occupation is on the short-term skill list there is no option for permanent
residency. once again it doesn’t affect pipeline applications and it also
doesn’t affect those people that were already the holder of a 457 or had applied for a 457 prior to the changes in April 2017
and then subsequently got their visa granted after that date so it’s not
going to affect those but it will affect anyone that lodged a 457 visa that
isn’t an occupation on the short term skilled list after that date in April, the 19th of April 2017. We will continue to keep you updated because
there are changes occurring all the time as the department keeps us informed will
endeavor to keep you informed but I’m sure you’ll all probably got your own
individual questions so don’t hesitate giving us a call on 02 9419-5411 or alternatively if
you’re off shore and you don’t have access to phones try our email [email protected] look forward to hearing from you

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    Is it possible if I large a partner Visa?

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