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Using Humor in your Job Search

Video 27 of 31 days of story! The thing is humor. Humor! So, when you are in job search and thinking about the stories you are going to tell. Specifically in networking situations and at the interview think about how you can weave in some humor into the stories that you’re telling. I’m not saying crack jokes on your resume or make it a total laugh-fest at the interview But look for opportunities, if you’re practicing eight stories that really demonstrate your value and skills, that you, you know, have prepped in advance Look for and say okay, “is there any…you know…even if it’s one line…that could show a little bit of my personality that is a little bit funny?” Because what can happen is we get so obsessed with saying the right words or trying to perfect for a job that we forget to be ourselves. If you’re a natural…if you’re not a funny person, and no one ever thinks your funny… and you are totally straight-laced then don’t do this ‘cuz it’ll come off as inauthentic. But if you are somebody who’s smart and witty And you have commentary to say about things then you can weave that in. Look for elements of humor. Maybe it’s only know…two of the stories. Start to weave that in because it will make you more comfortable and it can make the person who is interviewing you more comfortable. I’m not saying be a cheeseball-fest or be cracking jokes. The best stand-up comedy is usually about, you know, somebody observing something that is strange about life and going “yeah, what’s up with that?” And so, you have the opportunity in your job search to show that element of humor. It can be really, really appreciated. Alright so…get out there. Be funny. I’d like to hear if it works for you or how you use this element in your story. Bye.

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