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Vet Student Q&A – Different Jobs, Career Salary, and Shadowing a Veterinarian

hey everyone, its dr. mike, the bow tie vet guy today I’m going to answer some of your questions about being a veterinarian I’m going to A the crap out of your Q’s One of the questions I got was about shadowing a vet. how does it work? how do you do that? do you just walk in and ask can I shadow you? and yea, that’s what you do. you just walk in. you don’t have to be a veterinary student or… in fact you probably want to do that before you became a veterinary student. I started shadowing people when I was in junior high just to see what was going on and I was just super interested in soaking up as much knowledge as I could. we like to feel like we’re important and it helps to have somebody who thinks that we’re just the bees knees following us around every day. So just go in. Most vets are going to be happy to have you shadow them for a day. The salaries are gonna be a little bit different. when I started, back in the late nineties, I started out around forty to fifty thousand dollars a year. now we’re seeing students coming out starting in the LA area we’re going to see $60,000 $70,000 maybe even $80,000 when they’re coming out. so, really really good on the other hand we’re not going to get a lot higher than that, even with lots of experience there’s just not as much room for growth as far as just being a, an employee. if you’re a business owner you definitely have a chance to make a lot more money from that. A specialist will make more money and in, if you go into industry you definitely can see lot more growth that way as well. As a veterinarian there are so many different jobs you can do. private practice is the one everybody thinks about but I’ve also done what’s called a relief veterinarian or per diem where I just fill in and I plan you know maybe a day or a week at in advance and people call me up and say somebody’s sick or somebody’s going on vacation can you come and fill in and I’ve done that as well. that was really interesting because I got to see a lot of different practices and how they run i also work in the pharmaceutical industry i did technical services and that means i answered questions about the products and the disease related to the products but you can also go into research you can go into teaching the government uses veterinarians a lot in food safety and animal and plant inspection services and then I do have friends that work for work for LA County as well so they do everything from making sure that all the laws are being followed all the way through bio security and work for homeland security so pretty high level stuff. Working at a zoo as a veterinarian? I do have friends that work at zoos and that also friends that work at the Marine Mammal Center those jobs are few and far between. just like with anything when there are a lot of people that want to be something and not very many spaces for it, its really really competitive to get into those so a pretty difficult thing to get into but if you’re really interested in it and you definitely can make ahead way. you know these are people that I went to school with that just kept at it and kept at it and eventually got jobs at different zoos. thanks for watching please send in more questions so i can give you more answers i liked having the answers

26 Replies to “Vet Student Q&A – Different Jobs, Career Salary, and Shadowing a Veterinarian”

  • Hey! I just stumbled across your channel randomly after searching for "life as a vet tech" videos. I am liking them! Very informative 🙂
    I am really confused on what the diference in all the vet branches there are. For example, is studying for vet technology the same as being a vet technologist? Also the difference of being a vet nurse/assistant is confusing because the titles are different, yet seem interchangable. Please help!!

  • Very glad I found your channel! My initial plan going into college was to apply to Vet school junior year. I now realize I'm way too behind as far as experience is concerned to make that feasible. It's disheartening to think I may have to apply at the end of senior year, or maybe even take a gap year to strengthen my application when I do apply.

  • Hi brod im a vet final year student How to get a job as veterinary doctor in Singapore ,new Zealand,or any other country if u know help me

  • Do you know any vets who studied Zoology after vet school? If you want to do research on animals, is it necessary to have a phD in Zoology?

  • What other jobs can you do that are similar to being a veterinarian? I know some but I wanna see if there's anymore that I haven't thought about since I'm going to be a sophomore in high school.

  • What other jobs can you do that are similar to being a veterinarian? I know some but I wanna see if there's anymore that I haven't thought about since I'm going to be a sophomore in high school.

  • New to your channel and really like it! Just wondering, do you have a practice and how much would a practice owner expect to make?

  • How can a vet student have his or her own clinic after getting a DVM because vet school is very expensive and graduating with a huge amount of loan is certainly not going to allow any room to start a business.

  • How much free time do you get as a veterinarian? I ride horses so I want to make sure I can still ride a few a day if I pursue this career. I know it’s different depending on the type of vet you are, can you go over how they are on average for large animal vs companion animal?

  • Sir i done veterinary recently from india .. i want to do masters in USA . Can you plz tell me what i have to do ? Thanks in advance

  • Hey the bow tie vet guy!, I'm working as a volunteer at a animal clinic and I told my idea to the vet about going to vet school to become either a vet or a vet tech along with the animals that I would to study which is dogs, cats, equines (example: Horses, Donkeys, and Mules), Alpacas, and Lamas and he told me that I have to go to normal college before going to vet school while trying to save up money but I'm a very timid person with anxiety even though I'm pushing myself to be more social, any advice or helpful tips I should keep in mind? And I love your videos btw, both you and your staff are so funny

  • Hi Dr Mike – I am REALLY late to the piece but would like some advice – I am a final year vet student and I am being 'head hunted' if you will for a job as an exotic pet vet. There is only one clinic in New Zealand that specifically deals with exotics (GP companion animal practices will see exotics – but few and far between, making up maybe only 5-20% of their case load) and I am worried about pigeonholing myself straight out of vet school. I do have a passion for exotics – but I am worried about not developing my companion animal skills. Is it realistic to start off quite niche as a vet, but change career tracks down the path if I feel the need to?

  • I want to travel the world and do something that includes helping animals, but I also don't want money to become an issue in the future, any career ideas? Additionally, I would like to open a clinic. Would pursuing a business major affect my chances of entering vet school?

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