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W. E. B. Du Bois, Education, and Archaeology in Egypt

12 Replies to “W. E. B. Du Bois, Education, and Archaeology in Egypt”

  • Great presentation on a subject that unfortunately have not been presented in its true light, nor in its entirety.

  • DuBois knowledge of the Africanity of the Remetch (Ancient Egyptians) most likely would have come from his relations with older black scholars such as Joel Agustus (JA) Rogers whose area of expertise was of the Africanness of the classical Nile Valley as well as race mixing in Europe and the Americas. Not to mention, Drusilla Dungee Houston who was influenced by both and took an African-centered look at Kushites. A better examination of DuBois black peers is needed for an accurate account of how these studies formulated to precede the current African-centered lens of Nile Valley Civilizations.

  • History proves Europeans are not the right people to teach history. So much racism and bias.

  • She sat down and wrote this BS. Showing sympathy to a racist man and racist Germany.

  • Typical liberal historians deciding what history is based on consensus about what they feel should be right.

  • Ok we get it… White People are racist… White data is racist… Any DNA data or mummy descriptions indicating European Origin is racist … White men should be quiet and sorry because of their Original Sin.

  • Why were all scientific and intellectual progressions throughout history white Europeans up until the mid 1900’s?

  • Egyptology for Europeans is much like Food Science and Technology for the rest of the world. I mean, if you are Europeans you might think, what is that food science and technology really supposed to mean, same think on egyptology for some non European people.

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