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Warehouse tour leads to Amazon career

– We’ll get started in just a few minutes. Head out the door there. The very first Amazon Fulfillment Center opened up in Washington in the 1990s. Figuring out, within seconds, the next step we have to do on our part. – I actually learned about
the tour from my wife. Ended up coming down here and just getting to experience
what Amazon is actually like. My first impression of this place was just that it was massive and huge. Just amazing. – We employ over 2,500
full-time employees. – I thought, this was a
place I could enjoy working. After the tour, I went straight home, applied for a direct hire
position, and now I work here. I’m Craig McCormick, and I’m
an area manager for Amazon. I’ve worked here for
just under four years. The working conditions
for Amazon are very good. The benefits are great,
the pay is competitive. We focus on safety. Hard work can be a lot of fun. I enjoy thinking outside the
box and figuring out problems. And that’s all based on
what the customer needs. That ability to learn new things, new processes, new technology. There’s always the opportunity to move up. I do see a future for myself at Amazon. – Here we go. – If I ever come across
somebody that says, “Hey, that’d be interesting
to do an Amazon tour,” I encourage them to go look at it.

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