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We Asked, They Answered! How Candidates Feel About The Job Search

Noora: I guess it’s the fact that people don’t get back to you as quickly as you’d like. Ken: The worst? It just takes a long time. Because you’ve got to find something that fits and find somebody you like and who likes
you and it’s like dating – it’s just unhappy. Everybody gets ghosted at job searching. Karlyn: I think my biggest pet peeve is nobody tells you it’s an insider job.
Like, people get jobs because of the friends or the father works for
the company or the mother – so nepotism, I guess it would be my biggest pet peeve
because you never really have a fair chance and especially from a visible
minority perspective we are not the ones we are not the majority in the senior
leadership positions or the people making usually making the big decisions
so we’re usually not in the candidacy pool and if you’re not at the table you
don’t get access, you don’t get insight to a lot of those opportunities. Ken: I’d be very surprised. It’s never happened before. Danielle: That’d be great, the worst is getting your resume lost in the nethers. Noora: Well, maybe, you know, if they don’t have the capacity to be able to get back to you often, maybe they could employ there’s a lot of software’s out there where they could at
least, you know, let you know they’ve received your application. An automated
response of some sort just to let you know that, you know, all your attempts are
actually useful. Ken: Tell you what they wanted to see or like what you should be doing differently. Or maybe it’s not you, it’s them and they want different, you know, criteria but knowing that is important. Yeah, I think just being clear in terms of the requirements. I know like
typically people complain about the fact that the requirements, you know, require a lot of work experience but a lot people don’t have that straight out
of school so maybe lowering some of those requirements or giving, I guess,
folks who might not have the perfect experience a chance to at least
interview or get some kind of exposure. Kanda, I mean I would be open to it. So if I got an offer or like, you know, something popped up in my email saying this is
something I’d be interested in, yeah, I’ll definitely have a look at it, yeah. Danielle: If it was something that I deemed relevant. I guess there’s a fine line between spam versus, “Hey, this is actually valuable to me.” Noora: I work in digital so
I’m a big believer in applying technology, you know, where it kind of
enhances the experience. So if it’s a chatbot and it’s actually useful, then
why not. I mean, I had a recent experience, not job hunt unrelated, but where I was
shopping on the Nike website and it was a chatbot but they literally were able
to answer all my questions. So yeah, if it’s useful, why not. Ken: Depends how much
information the chatbot had. It would have to have more information than I do, which might be useful. But if it just knew everything that I already know, I’d feel like it was a waste of time. Karlyn: I love chatbots. Because it would be easy to speak to the person because there isn’t that human factor but also I think the
just getting a response right away as well would be great because then you
could be yourself you could ask anything and you won’t feel judged so I think
that’ll be cool.

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