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What Career Should I Choose?

Hello. This is Jonathan with
And I just wanted to share a quick video explaining to you some of the
factors that you need to consider in choosing a career. So here we
are in the online whiteboard, and I’ve drawn three circles as a way to represent
three different areas that you need to consider in choosing a career.
And this can apply to all ages, it doesn’t really matter if you are 18 and
just entering college and you’re really trying to think through this idea of
what major to go after, or whether you’re in your 40s and 50s and looking
to make a mid-career shift into doing something a little bit different
that kind of aligns with your passions a little bit more. Regardless of
what age, these principles apply. So the first circle we’re going to talk about
is called your natural strengths. And oftentimes your natural strengths
are things that are under the radar, you don’t see them always right
away. These are the things that come easy to you that when you do them you
get lost in the flow. And you just can effortlessly work on these type of
activities for hours at a time and still have plenty of energy. One of the
ways that you can identify whether you’re not working in your natural
strengths is when you’re constantly tired or frustrated or drained
or worn out with your work. That’s a good indicator that you’re working
in an area that’s not your strength, so it’s taking a lot of mental,
physical energy from you. If you want to really understand and discover
your natural strengths, then ask somebody who knows you well to tell you
what it is that you do well. And it might surprise you. You might oftentimes
be surprised with the answer that you’re given because you may have
thought that that certain task or that certain strength was something
that inherently was good for anybody and everybody and that everybody just
has that strength and that’s just easy for everybody. But that’s not always
true. So it’s important to understand your natural strengths. Number two. It’s important to understand your
personality type. This is where oftentimes in America, we often get
this wrong because we follow after money. We think this will be a good
stable job, it will provide lots of money for my family and all we see is the
lifestyle that we want to create. And so we kind of fake it until we
make it. We force ourselves to do the best we can at maximizing our strengths
and try to do our best to even do better with our weaknesses and concentrate
on them. But what happens is we end up frustrated because we’re
trying to become something that we’re really not. And then, the last circle represents our passions
or interest. Now oftentimes people make this idea of finding
their passion too heavy, or they put too much pressure on themselves.
But the truth is your passions really are where your natural interests are.
So I often use the illustration of think about walking into a
bookstore, Barnes and Noble for example, and you walk into Barnes and Noble
what section or area of Barnes and Noble do you gravitate towards? What books
do you like to read through? Those can be an indication of your passion
or your interest. So if you are gravitating toward the computer tutorials,
then computers are information technology, the real detailed type of work
might be something that fits you really well. Now here’s how you put all this together.
When you take your natural strengths, personality type, passions and
interests into play, then you’ll find your sweet spot. So your sweet spot is
where all three of these intersect. And this is where it can become
powerful for you because you have found your sweet spot, it’s something
that you’re energized about, you can work for hours at a time, it’s an area
of interest. It’s also an area of natural strength, it’s something that you
enjoy doing and it’s just something you’re excited about waking up and
going to work about. So for more tips, go to

91 Replies to “What Career Should I Choose?”

  • This made me chuckle. I happen to be in a Barnes and Nobles when I stumbled onto this vid. I defiantly noticed my light bulb turn on above my head on this one.

  • nice I like the romance novel section of barnes and noble i like also books about struggle personal, nation, country leaders struggle?? where do I fit???

  • You are right. It is not uncommon for us to have a few different passions/interests. There is probably more in common between accounting and medical than you realize. While we can have one work purpose, we may have a few different career choices that fit under our "work purpose."

  • There are many applications for you. Maybe you could be a writer, blogger, motivation speaker, write of biographies, etc.

  • thanks something to think about I actually wanted to write a blog i just dont know what about yet I even set myself up on blog spot but I have not written anything yet…I like the motivational speaker I'm gonna do some research on this thanks πŸ™‚

  • That was brilliant! You are really good at clarifying that. I would love to find something I do that compliments what I do now. I'm an arty person who loves people and needs to feel like I am guiding and helping people get clear in their lives. I don't like working from home all the time.

  • Hi Amy thanks! I am glad it was helpful. I actually share more of the process in my Kindle Book titled: Career Manual: Know Yourself – A Proven Formula to Discover the Work You Love. You can read the reviews and more details on Amazon


  • Hi, maybe you can give me some advice. My natural strengths are: Analyzing, Theorizing, solving puzzles(logic,lateral,math), observant, math/science. I'm pretty introverted, if you go by the Jung personality type I'm an INTP. When I go into a bookstore I will always go into the science section, more specifically physics/astronomy. So which careers do you think fit?

  • Thanks for the comment. I actually covered that in more depth in another video so I didn't want to repeat myself. I also cover it in depth in a book I wrote called Know Yourself: A Proven Formula to Discover the Work You Love. The link is up in the description below the video.

  • Hi Anita. You are welcome to share it. The share buttons are below the video. I also go into more depth in my book on Amazon called Know Yourself: A Proven Formula to Discover Work You Love. The link is in the description above (just below the video).

  • Sorry for the late response. Hmmm. I see several applications for you. You are going to gain energy when you are allowed some alone time each day to think and analyze. Meetings probably drain you. What about starting a science blog on the side. A place that allows you to share what you know while still being behind a computer and not out in front of people?

  • you talk so much in introduction…ruins all the mindset to watch it…If possible avoid in your next videos

  • Natural Strengths: Computers, Technology, Science, Math, Writing
    Personality Type: Thinker, charismatic, lazy
    Passions or Interests: Discovering/trying new things, technology advances, inventions
    I dont have anything since I dont know who I truly am or what I want πŸ™

  • Great advice. I would say my strength is writing, analyzing, reflecting and critical thinking. My interest is sports, music, design and film. Personally im open and confident. I'm considering law…what other options would you suggest?

  • This is a really useful little tool. I'm finding it really hard to get out of the mentality of the industry that i've been working in for over 10 years, that I want to leave (fashion retail business). I need to open my mind up to other careers that might be suitable – at the moment when I write things in the 'passions/interests' section I feel like they are because of the career I've been working in; rather than my gut feeling of what I love – but I can't remember what I would love without it!

  • You bring up a great point. I'm sure you have other interests. When you go into the book store what sections do you like to visit?

  • A great way to get started is with a blog. You can share your passions and build an audience while still having traditional employment.

  • I would strongly consider writing Kindle books if I were you. I wrote one last year and receive a check each month from downloads I receive. I wrote an online video course on how to do it. Just google Kindle Your Passion and Jonathan Milligan and you can check it out.

  • You sound like you have a personality type like me. It is often referred to as multi-passionate, scanner, multipotentialite, etc. You have a passion for learning new things.

  • Natural Strengths: Great Listener, Helping Others, Music, Art, Creative thinking.

    Personality Type: I like to say I have two personalities which clash.

    One is shy, closed off, lazy and fearful, the other is a passionate, over thinking, ambitious, monster!

    Passions or interests: Music, Writing, Fantasy/Romantic stories/Novels, tv and film, games, biology, wildlife, culture; paticularly Chinese.

    I basically love life but I love it so much that I can't commit to only one thing. Any advice?

  • these are the things that I wanted to do: creating a story, drawing, digital painting, character designs (mostly fictional), sculpting(physical or software based 3D modelling), and animation. people always say that I'm good at drawing but I really can't decide which subject should I focus on.

  • What is a job for someone who is dominant? wants things done a certain way, demanding, analytic: can predict how things will turn out before it happens, afraid of failures, hard worker, have a lot of compassion and dedication in the kind of job she does, believe in hard work will pay off, do not believe in buts or cannot do but that anything is possible, competitive, hates repetitive things: wants it done well the first time (perfectionist) can get inspired by new things.

  • I feel like there's a burning desire in me to do something great but I don't know what to choose as a career. I do enjoy art bc it help make me feel more relaxed but i feel its more of a hobby than a career since i only do it when i feel like it.

  • I'm not good at academics at all. I'm still in high school and I'm really worried for my future. My one and only passion is Youtubing. All I do is watch videos. I want to be a Youtuber but I don't even think that's a proper career… I have no other talent and I am clueless about my life. Please help me!

  • You sound just like me, LOL

    Ever go on Godlikeproductions?

    I am going to try going for computer science or something like that, what do you enjoy? that I think is the more important thing than anything else

  • I took Journalism as an elective at my high school and what I really liked was being the photographer. I created a poster that evolved around what is a issue in society today? And i wanted to do a poster on how most people tend to eat unhealthy food because it is cheaper than healthy food. In society this creates high cholesterol and many other deadly things. My strength I gained from this was the ability to create ideas of what I wanted and needed on my poster. But sadly the field is packed πŸ™

  • Natural strength : Maths , Accountancy , speaking
    Personality type : Outgoing , (all of my besties said so ) , happy go lucky person , Understanding ( most of them like to tell me about their personal problem )
    Passions and Interest : I love to work with people , i would be glad to know more new people , new faces , make some friends

    SO , finally i decide to choose Human Resource Development as my First Bachelor Degree . It would be my pleasure to hear other option job from u . Thanks

  • Natural strengths: Public speaking,Writing.

    Personality type: When I speak I speak with importance,Always take the neutral standpoint,Though,Charismatic.

    Interests: Government,Politics,Economy,Business,Finance,History,Laws,Art,Science,Computers ( programing ,html coding etc),Graphic design,technology,Power.

    I would love to be a figure of Importance no matter what I do,I like to shine and Impress.I'm confident and not afraid to fall.Recommendations are welcome..

  • this is realy great. tho i already have it figured out. like acting, writing, painting or creating costumes or spiritual things. this are thigs i can do all day if i could (i do cosplay, its like a combination of everything). but people are not really suportive about it and it might not be easy. do you have some tips or advise on how i could get started?

  • I don't know what im to be, but if you see you could be whatever you want, anything from a doctor to a millionaire, how its the answer, but as you probably know we the people allways put excuses to many things, because it hard, because school is hard, because it to night, etc. and never get to be what you want to be because of excuses, we are conformist we are comfort with whatever job, but that's not how it should be, we should be getting better each time when time passes, its all in your head-

  • But how you said we allways the people go for the money and try in chooseing a career that gives money to your family but you dont like that work, and you end up frustrating and not liking that job, thats why school is there for all the people, we allways have an aopportunity but we dont know how to use them because we say its hard, or it too long or anything like that, and we end up with a mediocre job that dont give enought money and why? because that what we got , because we put excuses,

  • I'm 19 and still don't know. I like video games (kind of getting bored of them now though), football (soccer for all you americans) and Harry Potter. Yep, i'm screwed. can't exactly choose a career path based on that information πŸ™

  • Natural Strengths: Math, Technology, Quick learner
    Personality Type: Quiet, can get bored easily, Adventurer
    Passions or Interests: Working with all different kind of animals, building things, travel
    I'm having a hard time trying to find a major/career that matches my needs. I would like to hear some feedback on what you think I'll find interesting. I'm a 18 year old and would love to start my life already but I'm so confused. :/

  • Can you advice something? I am currently in English major, but it feels like something is wrong.
    My Natural Strenghts:
    Foreign languages, Drawing, Teaching, Writing, Creativity, Decorating, Explaining, Plastics, Listening
    Mathematics, Science, Politics
    Personality Type: Gets bored easily, introvert, creative, like to dominate and be a leader, like to control everything, need some time alone, not talkative, patient, tolerant, low self-esteem, restricted(сдСрТанная), change my hobbies very fast, dependant on others opinion, think a lot, dreamer

  • I wonder what career best fits me I like drama love to gossip and love the internet I'm good at writing Know basis computer skills I love to help people and make a damn good assistant when I was in h.s for student cancel and love planning events I am a people person and personality type I can can get bored easily and my weakness is mathematics help me please

  • Man! Thanks so much for the Vid! NOW, I can actually realize what are my Natural Strenghts, personality type and Passion. Β Β 
    Thanks you helped me a lot!

  • This was really helpful, thank you!… Writing a list of my natural strengths, personality type, and passions/interests has really helped me to focus on and evaluate what sort of career path would suit me (even though I already know all of these things about myself). I have been feeling so confused about what I really want to do, and just writing these things down has helped me, as it makes it easier for me to focus the things I want, rather than the things I know I don't want.

  • I like dancing so much.. I could pay someone to do it ! And i do it all the time.. BUT i don't think its enough to build a family ! Its great when you need pocket money.. But after marriage you'll have to find something else.. Its so hardddd haha

  • Don't really know what kind of job I would like can some one respond
    Strengths: like teaching others, strong in science, good in sports, good at persuading someone Able to win in debate weaknesses are not very strong in math b+ not very good in lauguade Arts in spelling gets mad if my answer is wrong

  • my strength: english and arts
    weakness: math and science
    passion and interest: yoga, painting, skin care, health remedies, exploring the outdoors and playing with clay.
    i know the best career for me is in the art area but money….. idk…. concurrently im pursuing nursing just cause i would love to help people and learn all about medicine but the fact that this career involves both of my weakness is making me nervous and sometimes i find myself questioning myself in this major……

  • what to do if you're gravitating towards the thriller section of the book shop I really need help please
    I'm frustrated all the time and I think I'd be better off dead

  • I have no passion and I don't know what my natural strengths are. I don't have any natural interests. There's nothing I particularly care for. I have no clue what career I can do or want to do. I've researched dozens even hundreds of careers and not a single one gives me any feeling other than dread.

  • Maybe it's my constant stress and needing for find calmness speaking, but your voice is really relaxing.

  • natural strengths: comedy, acting, english (2nd language)
    personality type: ENTJ
    interests: acting, writing, reading


  • wow man like I kind of had a whole thought of what I wanted to do but once you said the whole Barnes & Noble saying what type of books i go to First it just came to me that i want to have a job that has to do with space cuz like I love astronomy but I'm only sixteen and I've had bad habits of not attending school, not having good grades and I feel like I've already screwed myself over to do anything that has anything to do with NASA which is the company I want to work with if I want to do anything with astronomy

  • If you are working in the IT industry , one of the best books you can buy to manage your career growth is "SPEED UP YOUR CAREER GROWTH" available in Amazon stores:-

    This book talks about the human dynamics & perception management on how you need to deal with the people ecosystem around you (Be it Boss, Team members, Peers, Customers or Suppliers) to manage your career growth better.

  • Hi ! Can somebody help me ?
    my skills are writing , dance , drawing , foreign languages , creativity , decorating , DIY , , Listening ,
    my personality is little bit introvert , gets bored easily , creative , savage (Idk but I think this is personality to :d), Against unfairness , interrogator ,exploring new place, new things πŸ’•
    My interest : biology , psychology, Philosophy πŸ’• , History , Politics , poems -novels about loneliness or fantastic , Camera ,
    Weakness : math , physics , science ,
    and I'm happy with helping people
    and the most important things for me equality , freedom , justice 😊 and I want to improve myself with my job πŸ’š

  • Thank you for this video. Very straight forward and clear. Not full of the fluff or judgment I am seeing in a lot of videos on this subject.

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