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What if your confidence is shot during the job search

I love that quote by Henry Ford. If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right. It reminds me of one my clients, Natalie. In our very first conversation she cried, Emily, I just don’t get it. Everyone can have a dream
job, everyone but me. It was totally understandable. She got this. After all she’d spent the
past five years temping and freelancing, while looking
for something permanent. By the time she came to
me she had lost all hope at the salary, benefits,
and stability she wanted were possible for her. But guess what happened just three months after we started working together? I pick up the phone one day and I hear Natalie on the other end. Oh my God, I have a dream job!! One shift allowed her to
achieve in three months of working together what
had seemed impossible for five years. Hi, my name is Emily Liou. And I’m a career coach that helps ambitious corporate professionals
land their dream jobs. Even if you don’t believe you can. When I first started working with Natalie, her confidence was at an all time low. I mean after five years of
job searching with no luck, even someone like Kanye
would start to feel doubtful. Despite Natalie’s creative talents and impressive list of
projects she had worked on, she constantly questioned
if she was good enough. And after each interview
she was always disappointed to hear the rejection
that, while they liked her, they had ultimately decided
to go with another candidate. Have you received that response too? The belief she adopted in her head was playing like a broken record. No one will ever hire me. I don’t blame her. But instead of playing that broken record, we experimented with a simple shift. I had her start visualizing
and believing someone, not just anyone, someone
like her dream employer would hire her. Only after we do that can
we talk about the strategy. With the combination of the right strategy and the empowering belief,
something wonderful happened. A week later she attended an event we had planned for her to attend, and met a recruiter there. The recruiter happened to be searching for a talented photographer manager for a huge international
publication, which Natalie loved. She immediately asked
for Natalie’s resume. And the very next day Natalie
was walking into an interview. We had of course prepped her for this. But that wasn’t all. Before stepping into the room, Natalie stepped into it trusting that an employer did want
her gifts and talents. Exactly a week later she got the call. We want to extend you an offer. Not only does Natalie have a dream job, salary, benefits, and stability, she has a reading sense of self
trust and confidence again. That my friends is priceless. Trust me, if Natalie did it you can too. And that powerful first shift starts with you believing you can. You’ve got this.

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