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What is a Technology Strategy Consultant?

I find ways to use technology to better businesses. I’m Carlin jackson i am a technology strategy consultant for the Theo. Wyes David Limited. I have a client in the healthcare industry that helps doctors and organizations better manage their data. Like when you’re sick and you go to the doctor. All the information they collect about you whether you have a cold… whether you’ve broken your arm just any of that information they collect my client helps them extract more meaningful value out of it The roles that I play depend upon the particular client for a client in the energy space actually write the code that will help them save money and run better. For a healthcare client instead of me writing the code, I actually help them outline what’s the best architecture that you need moving forward for you to grow and build all the new features that both you and the client wants. I attended Case Western Reserve University for my undergraduate degree I majored in computer science and minored in finance mathematics and management An Interesting question I always get is why computer science and finance instead of thinking about them as two totally different things you can really take any subject and kind of craft a story about how technology is relevant to it I think similarly in the business world probably the one thing shared by almost all business is finance or money so it’s really two different ways of interpreting entire world around me. Being a business owner is it’s kind of cool i like to say in some ways i have the best of both worlds so I i set my own hours at the same time I’m responsible to multiple clients for whom I work for so it’s a really interesting experience ” yeah I think we’re on pace to really hit those milestones” I really like helping people and probably the most rewarding things about what I’m doing right now is to be able to see clients experience success they want and then know that my efforts really contributed towards them achieving their goals

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