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What motivates JVS job seekers in their job search?

The classes here motivate me.
I love the resume workshops, that you can come down and have
somebody critique your resume. I love that you’re able to
work with other people, you know, so you’re not just doing this whole
job search thing in a bubble. We need to have people helping us
and it’s a great place to be. My desire to live is what motivates me and my
job search. Getting back to work would culminate a three-year challenge I’ve had physically.
And specifically here at JVS I’ve found courage. I found camaraderie.
I’ve printed business cards on a practical level, and I’ve picked up a lot of inspiration in a general way. I chose JVS so that it can help me stay on task.
I love the organization calendar. It keeps me motivated on the responsibilities I’m supposed to
accomplish doing my job search experience. I’m primarily motivated in my job search by people.
By working with people directly, by taking classes with people and asking insightful questions and hearing, you know, answers that I may not have even considered. So that’s what JVS is really great for. It sells that.

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