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Where To Find A Freelance Video Editor (2018)

In today’s video We’re going to talk about where to find a freelance video editor. If you’ve been looking for somebody to edit your videos, but not sure where to look, stay tuned. That’s what we’re going to talk about today If you haven’t done so already, hit that subscribe button. And don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications. So you’ve been making a lot of videos and you’re interested in hiring a video editor to help you edit your videos. This can be kind of confusing to find somebody. The best place to start, is to actually start, asking around with your friends and family. Ask them if they know anybody. Ask them for referrals. That would be the first person that I would go to because that way you’re gonna get somebody you trust. The majority of video editors get hired based on referrals. Not from putting in job applications. And you never know, maybe a a friend of a friend or a friend of your family Is a video editor, and you just weren’t aware of it. The second place to try is social media. Again, ask people that you already know on social media, that you already trust, ask them for referrals. But you can also do searches on social media. The number one job searching site is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional network. And there are a lot of people that will post jobs up on LinkedIn You, if you don’t have a LinkedIn account, you can sign up for one pretty easily. People on LinkedIn are looking for jobs, looking to hire and looking to be hired. One of the things that you can do on LinkedIn is you can post a job or you can go up here to the top and just type in video editor. And type it editor in people. And you will see several people that are video editors already have it come up in their description. Now you only have so much that you can look through unless you have a premium plan, premium business plan or sales navigator. So you have to be careful with that one. Another site people check a lot is Twitter. A lot of people will post when they’re hiring on Twitter or posts that they’re looking on Twitter. So you can actually go into Twitter and search video editor. And as you can see down here people are saying, “I need a video editor”, “video editor needed for company”, “Who’s the best video editor?”, “Looking for to hire a video editor”. So, you can actually put on your Twitter that you’re looking for a video editor and probably get a whole lot of responses. Or some people will have it in their profiles. You can also look on YouTube and just check out a freelance video editor And there are a lot of them on here that talk about where, how they are working as a video editor or how to get your first client. Most of these people who have YouTube channels are editing videos. Or they have hired a video editor. So that would be somewhere you could look. The third place I’m going to talk about is freelance websites Most of you have probably heard of Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer. A lot of these can be very iffy because there’s no way to…. Because there’s a lot of people Saying they can do a lot of things on there that they can’t necessarily say. So you have to vet people like that very carefully The only one that I’m on currently is Hubstaff Talent. There’s, there’s several of them. There’s Outsourcely. There’s Guru. There’s Upwork. There’s Fiverr But if you’re looking for a freelancer on sites like that, you need to vet them very carefully. The ones that are saying they can give you a really low price, there’s probably a reason. You’ll need to read the reviews. You’ll need to be careful to look at prices. And video editing is a little more expensive than most people think. So you’re definitely not going to want to take the lowest bid. Video editing is a lot like graphic design. You’re going to get what you pay for. That being said, there is some good talent on these sites. just use them with caution. My next recommendation would be through local networking. With local networking you can go to sites like Or maybe you’re in Toastmasters or some other kind of networking groups. With, you have the option to look up video groups, videos and photographers. You can also look up just local business groups. People working in business that may already have the connections that you need to find a good video editor. And the last one I’m going to mention is job boards. The site that I use, and I know a few other freelancers do, is Flex Jobs. We pay a membership to have Flex Jobs screen jobs to ensure that they’re high quality. They’re not spam. So, when you put an ad on indeed, or you put an ad on monster, or a career builder, If Flex Jobs sees it and verifies it, they will put it on their job boards. Another way to do this, and probably save yourself some time, is to go to a site like Zip Recruiter. Where you can post a job on there and they will help match you. A bonus one I’m going to mention Is sites like Thumbtack. What thumbtack is, a site where you can hire pretty much anybody to do anything. When you go to thumbtack you can just put in, video editing. And it’ll start asking you for where you are. Thumbtack has a lot of different professionals on it. And it even includes video editors. So you can check for some. These are going to more likely be local to you. So if you want somebody that you can meet up with. that’s a real a great option. If you have some other ideas about where to find a Freelance Video Editor, pop those down in the comments below. If you’re a freelance Video Editor looking for work, check out some of these same places. Hey, thanks for watching. If you haven’t already done it, hit that subscribe button. And give us a thumbs up. We’ll see you next time

3 Replies to “Where To Find A Freelance Video Editor (2018)”

  • Or… a Freelance Video Editor, like me, can go looking for work and happen across a platform where people are hopefully looking for an Editor! I'm not being sarcastic or anything, really. I am an Editor, currently looking for a Content Creator to Partner with.

    I'm not next-level or anything… yet. I'm also not picky at all what someone does for Content, as long as it's nothing illegal.

  • Hi! I'm also a video editor if anyone is looking for help with their YouTube videos. This was a great video! It really helped me find new places to find jobs that I didn't realize before, like Twitter, Hubstaff and Flexjobs. Thanks!

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