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Why Ellen Is Responsible for the Jonas Brothers’ Career

I thought we’d all
sit down on you. Oh, I felt it. I know. I saw you want to
do it, and then you stuck with the brothers. I missed the memo. Sorry. Well, we didn’t
really rehearse it. I just thought we were– We didn’t –in tune. You know what it is? It’s that you haven’t
visited me sooner than this. And we’re out of sync. It’s true. It’s been far too long. Yeah, because you’ve gotten
back together like how long ago? A year and a half I guess. A year and a half. Well, no, no, we announced
it back in March. Right. So it hasn’t been that long. Right, I know. And we did hear
that you were upset that it’s taken this long. Very upset because I feel
responsible for your career. You are. Yes. You are in fact responsible
for our entire career. Now, I’m very, very– I’m happy. I mean, it’s so weird. I mean, you look back on– I’m sure you are used to seeing
like old footage of yourself. I see things and I’m
frightened of what I look like. But it’s amazing, right? Same. It’s a lot of hair all around. There was– yeah. So much hair. They were emotional back there. We watched the clip
you just showed. It’s been a long ride. Look at that. That was our first platinum
record that you gave to us. That was my point of why
you haven’t been here. Because you’re responsible. Yeah. No, so many memories
here on this stage with you, on that stage
right over there performing, both together and solo. So to come back now
is really special. So thank you. You’re welcome. [APPLAUSE] So not only we’re you
hugely successful, obviously starting out
together, but then you went off and did solo projects,
also hugely successful, get back together, and now
you have the number one CD. Your tour sold out in minutes. I mean, that’s a big deal
to go away and come back. And I’m sure, especially
because we’re all so young, people would say
oh, well, that was a phase. And people were– you may
not be able to repeat that. Yeah, we really didn’t know
what was going to happen. When we got back
together to talk about the idea of
doing this, it really shows that the fans stuck around
and waited and supported us through the individual projects
and what we were up to. But we announced this
thing and the music took off right away, again. And it did feel like,
OK, this was meant to be. We’re supposed to do this again. Yeah, obviously. What were you going
to say, Kevin. You looked like– No, I’m just saying it’s been
beyond amazing to experience it every single night again
where I truly never thought we were going to do it again. And to now have my daughters
be able to be a part of this and see it, it’s just beyond. Yeah, to grow. And all of you are married now. Things have changed. But– so you have
this documentary, which I don’t know if
you saw the document– It was on Amazon. Amazon. OK– [APPLAUSE] It was really good. Thank you. Thank you. And I think that a lot
of people didn’t realize. And of course, it
makes sense that would be really tough to
grow up and be competitive and to have your differences
and to be together all the time. But it got bad, right? By the end, it got really rough. I think all families go through
their own version of our story. And if not, then
you’re the lucky ones. But you got to find
your dynamic as siblings within your adult
relationship when you compound the fact that
we were working together every single day. In theory, it was business. It was a full operating machine. And we were just trying to
remain close as family amidst that. So when that decision
came to end it, I think that the next
step, which you probably saw on the doc, was
just in discovering who we are as family
and actually building a relationship outside of our
work and our creative life. And what we found
is that we actually really like each other. Turns out. Which is a blessing and
took some convincing. Joe was the last
to come on board. Really? Yes. Why is that? Because it was your
idea to break up. Your idea to get back together. Right, yeah. Full circle redemption. [LAUGHTER] I wasn’t so quick to
forgive Nick just yet. But we worked through it. And ultimately, I miss being
on stage with these guys. It’s so special and so fun. And there’s a magic
that happens when we get up there and
perform together that it’s hard to repeat or recreate. So it felt like
the right timing. Yeah, as much as it, sure, is
fun to have a solo project, to have– to be able
to look at each other and have that camaraderie,
that connection, and get that energy from the
audience, it’s compounded. I would think. It’s unreal, definitely. That first night
on this tour– it’s called The Happiness
Begins Tour. Our whole idea was let’s
bottle up the happiness that we feel in our lives. And let’s bring
that to the world. There’s a lot of negativity. Actually, I want to
say one thing, too, your monologue beginning
about accepting all people from all walks of life
and different viewpoints is amazing. So hats off to you for that. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] And I think the kind of
messages we all need to hear. And that was kind of
what we were feeling was there’s so much negativity
out there and people judging others. And if we can just
make people smile and just realize that
life is a beautiful thing, we get to share that
with people you love. It’s a beautiful thing. It is a beautiful thing. And life is a beautiful thing. And we need to remember that. More with Jonas
Brothers after this.

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