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Why Equity Matters in Education

– [Narrator] In the US, equality
is an important principle. So why isn’t treating everyone equally always the right thing to do? The problem with equal treatment, is that it doesn’t always
lead to equal results. Every plant needs sun and water, but that doesn’t mean we
should give all plants the same amount of sun and
the same amount of water. A cactus needs a lot of sun and
very little water to thrive. A tulip needs a moderate amount of both to produce a healthy bloom. A fern needs lots of water
and just a little sun to grow big and bright. If you were planting a garden,
you probably wouldn’t place a cactus, a tulip, and a fern together and expect them all to thrive. But our classrooms are
filled with students who all have different needs. By focusing on equitable treatment, we can consider those individual needs and then provide resources
and support to meet them. That way, all students can
thrive in school and life. (gentle music)

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