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Why I left my Data Science Job at FANG (Facebook Amazon Netflix Google)

100 Replies to “Why I left my Data Science Job at FANG (Facebook Amazon Netflix Google)”

  • If you want to switch from data scientist to software engineering then you've never been a data scientist from the very beginning. People go to data science because they love analytics, science, math, and stats not because they love coding. Most of them are intermediate coders and do not have software engineering background. FANG , however, access their data scientists during the hiring process like they assess software engineers. Hence, they hire wrong people for data science positions. In the right environment (in mature and healthy companies), you can have more impact on the company as a data scientist than as a software engineer.

    In general, I am not even sure why someone would want to work for FANG. They attract narcissistic groupies that love to be a part of a herd while repelling independent thinkers and real geniuses (the interesting people I would want to socialize with). It seems like you are talking about Facebook (possibly Amazon or Netflix). They are famous for their unhealthy cultures (in spite of having artificially high reviews on Glassdoor) and firing people for nothing. I personally said no to Facebook and Amazon when they wanted to interview me because I want to make an impact and not to follow a herd or flatter narcissists.

  • I heard that Facebook has a culture of everything SE works. They will let you do data science work if you can code. But DS does not worship coding that much. Coding is only a tool for DS. Instead, it takes a lot of training in statistics and some math to do DS work. You may be a well qualified DS. But if you are not used to the heavy stat related research and stay in a role of an adviser, to make stories and suggestions, you probably won't enjoy the DS type of work as much as SE.

  • Did you consider trying Research Engineering? That's a nice mix of engineering, research and product design.

  • I had the same issue with Data Science. I find it more stressful. My manager put all the responsiblity on me that the algorithm works. They don't understand that your hypothesis fail 99% of the time.

    Just got a job in Software Engineering. Joing next week 🙂

  • Yo, so you want to be a builder. I am an architect and I design and build shit. Anyways, I want to influence the construction industry with new AI technolgies. Basically, hit me up.

  • Cool video. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My son is going to the college and I see very good advice here from the perspective of someone that just had his first job as a data scientist.

  • I dont know why youtube recommends this for me. But I am at the fucking same situation as your. I am currently considering switching from Data Scientist to Software Engineer role. In fact, I was leading my team to build a end to end DS embedded product for my company, and we managed to deliver the product with features more than we expected. But I feel like I still lack of many experience in deploy a software project, though I was once SE after I graduated from college. DS projects are not appealing as they sound, and there are a lot of things having to concern about. We tried our best to get shit done, and deal with as much as real life scenarios that we can imagine, but the lack of expertise is so real, and we always feel nervous about whether or not our product was right. Yeah, a lot of shit out there, and I faced those like your as well.
    Btw, thanks for your video, at least that to see that I am not alone in this world. Goodluck for the new journey ahead, bro

  • Not gonna lie, you should actually start working more on your YouTube channel. You are very fun to watch!

    Anyways, good luck with the job hunt.

  • Okay, cool video! But the topic is more "Why did I quit my leader job?" rather "…my data science job". Just don't use clickbaits and you will grow a better and sustainable audience 😉 otherwise these views are not CTA ! ^^

  • In most companies, they do not even understand what the difference between data scientists and software developpers. They are just the "nerds"

  • I love how even though he tries not to name the company directly, he basically gave it away with the formatting of that job description (it’s Facebook for anyone that’s wondering).

  • When you say you have all this time to think because you don’t need to execute or build anything, that can be construed in a weird way and make people confused about what data scientists actually do. Please limit it to yourself and not generalize to “we”. A lot of data scientists do build and execute “things” and productionalize models into the product. Also, the main functional area for DS is to support data driven decision making for the business, not limited to the product team. I’d invite you to be specific about your own role aka product data science.

  • based on your description of a data scientist, are there any big differences between a ui/ux researcher and a data scientist?

  • To me it sounds as you're hiding behind the idea of "the difficulties of a data scientist job" instead of saying that you're scared of the truth: in jobs you can get fired anyway, even if you think that you're working well. And this is an important fact, meaning that just because you think that a project is well executed, it doesn't mean that it actually is. It's still YOUR idea. So now you ran away to a new field. Just my opinion, anyway

  • Office politics is where women shine ironically they can be good data scientists just remove woke mentality

  • I am currently doing the opposite lol. I am a software developer and am thinking of going data scientist. I can't decide if it was the company i was in which made me dislike it, or if I just don't like it. I developed personal projects that I enjoyed, but on a large team it was super hard because you again don't have influence so like your video you have to convince them your ideas are good, but it gets old. There were many times I developed parts of our program and my boss would tell me a, b and c need to be changed. So I would change them then later his boss would say no they need to be this (which is usually what I already had developed in the first place and changed) and then my boss would have me change it back. A lot of wasted time and I finally got frustrated and decided to figure out my next step.

  • I like Algorithms, Probability and Statistics, Modelling.
    Data Scientist don't seem to fit in that criteria.
    So which role do you think have these criteria?

  • Certain specific modules in SAP is paid highest .. I am a software engineer for 10yrs and now I regret for not being into SAP. 🙁

  • Hi Joma

    I always get this error.

    This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

    I am UAE based. Is there something wrong with the DNS servers? I have even tried connecting via VPN and/ or changing the name server to Google ones, to no avail.

  • I was hired as an analyst before and I had to wear many hats to keep that job. It’s a job for people who likes to get into management.Swe is better and more long term.

  • Dude, you had a bad DS responsibilities. The thing you are talking about is closer to Product Analyst, not to DS. Typically the last one is much more interesting and creative, than you described in the video. But I wish you will be more satisfied with your new position, good luck on a new place!

  • I am a bit confused. Isn't Data Science and Software Engineering two completely different disciplines? How can you be a data scientist and then quit your job and proceed to prepare for a software engineer interview/role? Can someone please explain!

  • Hi Joma – thanks for sharing. I think your choice may have been a good one based on the context you describe and I may have arrived at the same conclusion too however , in other places a data scientist plays a more creative role like that of a software engineer except they build AI, ML or DL model as oppose to just analysing data . So I think you made the right choice based on where you were but dont let this experience informs the entity of the practice of data science as your setup differs from firm to firm. However I agree with you on the impact or position you want to play long term.

  • I am a media strategist for around 4 yrs.Need ur suggestion if m planning to learn data science for being a better strategist… Will it help to improvise my work as a strategist..??

  • I left my data Science field the same way as he did, I am in the early 20s and the reason I left DS are following.
    1) research related
    2) too young to decide
    3) overhyped too many people are diving in it (it would end the same way as there used to be Business Executives in the earlies 2000's ,
    4) Development life keeps on downgrading.
    5) too much fake data scientists as well, with no experience or some experience.
    6) Learning is very creative but related to specific team or domain or Subject matter.

    I would prefer someone to know two languages C++ or C and Python. along with Forensics and cloud services. Additionally, I know ML, therefore, I am going for Forensics and then C or C++ Cuda parallel learning.

  • I believe that data engineering is another role you could have visited which is pretty impactful as well and does a hybrid of coding and thinking such as the people who create the pipeline, transformations and Data Modeling. Is this sort of position available at Facebook?

  • What's scares me about your evaluation of the role of a Data scientist is how much you confess that you lack "soft skills" when in fact you come across as a very proficient communicator and proficient influencer. If YOU don't have enough "soft skills" for the role than I may need to reevaluate if this career is for me because I believe I have much less "soft skills" than yourself.

  • So you're completely at the mercy of the engineers and managers with no objective method for quantifying your own impact (ironic as hell BTW). So if they don't like you or don't evaluate your contribution fairly your screwed.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • How would you recommend edX Data Science MicroMasters by MIT? Will I be able to get a Data Science Job? or other Data Science certifications at edX

  • I feel you bro. Worked in data analyses for a couple of years and it can get 1-repetitive 2-frustrating (because action does not depend on you). Now i want to build some shit too.

  • From what I have seen – Data scientists at Facebook or Google tend to be glorified Data Analyst. If you want to work on Machine learning make sure the spec has that in there. Unless you love experimentation rather than building the models etc.

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